Report: Justin Gaston Introduced to Miley Cyrus by Her Father

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Sounds like Billy Ray Cyrus reads The Hollywood Gossip.

Based on new reports that the country singer is responsible for introducing his daughter to hew new boyfriend, we can only assume he read about her heart break at the hands of Nick Jonas and had to act.

Limo Riding

According to OK! Billy Ray met Justin Gaston when the former was the host of Nashville Star and the latter was a contestant on the show. Cyrus reportedly took Gaston under his wing, eventually introducing him to Miley in June.

Rumors state that Miley Cyrus has seen Justin Gaston is even less clothing than this!

Fortunately, it does sound as though Billy Ray made a decent choice for his daughter.

Allen Osborne, Men’s Director at Vision Modeling, where Gaston is signed, told the celebrity gossip tabloid that Justin "doesn’t drink. He doesn’t smoke. He’s a very up-and-up guy.”

He better be! Because Cody Linley seemed like a good option, too, and we don't wanna read about any more Miley heart break.


I've met them both, and they are very polite and kind people. Many kids their age would be finding other things to do on a Sunday than going to church. They seem like they've both been raised well. There is an age difference, but girls mature sooner, and guys her age are still little boys. As long as her parents keep a good eye on things, and I'm sure they will, leave it alone, she deserves a personal life!


whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy he sucks and hes 20 and shes 15 going on 16 why she likes 20 year olds even mandy is 20 miley if you see this i luvv you but brake up with him i hate him




Neither Cody or Captain Underpants are "good options".

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