David Letterman Rips John McCain: Day Two!

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Last night, David Letterman berated John McCain for the second straight evening after the Republican presidential candidate canceled his scheduled appearance on The Late Show Wednesday to focus on the nation's economic crises.

Classic Dave. Follow this link for the previous night's Letterman rants. Then watch the clip below for more jokes and general McCain-Palin skewering ...

Late Show's Host



Just who does Letterman think he is. Certainly not J Q PUBLIC
He of all people needs to stick to making fun of himself
instead of being the ugly person he always is. I do not watch
him don't care and could not pay me to. When anyone else has
to for some reason back out of showing up on his show he never punces on them and tries to make them Public enemy #1
I hope that this blows up in his face and Letterman has to
eat crow soon. Get on with your stupid show and leave Mccain
alone for doing what he thinks is best escpecially a hard
enough schedule that these two people have right now

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