David Letterman Rips John McCain For Bailing on Him

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Yesterday, Republican presidential candidate John McCain was supposed to appear on The Late Show with David Letterman, but he bailed at the last second to head to Washington and deal with the country's mounting economic crisis.

Far from pleased by this charade, Letterman went off on some serious rants - even by his standards - against McCain and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. No Brad Hanson jokes were made, but just about everything else was fair game:

John McCain Who?!



its funny he didn't mind going on Letterman when he announced his running for President. I think he was afraid
he might be made fun of before the debate.


Really?? Come on, Letterman or the economic crisis? I'm pretty sure Letterman will lose every time. Good grief!


Good evening, Mr. Letterman,
Why is it that the media has a problem with the "good" that
those in leadership are trying to do!?
I have to take my hat off to Mr. John McCain for the responsiblity he showed in NOT showing up on your show at the last minute the other night! Him taking the stance that he did
just goes to show where his priorities are which is a lot more than I can say for some people that happen to be in the leadership of our country!
Obviously, he's one that's a go-getter and doesn't mind being ridiculed for doing what he thinks is right, while some people are simply talk and prefer to be seen in public stroking the egoes of those who think they're doing them a favor by allowing them to show up on some TV show! hmmm....
Sounds like someone's finally stepping up to bat and not afraid of the status quo! Go McCain and Palin!


If he does that to Letterman---What will he pull on the middle class citizens of this Great Nation??!! Scary!!!
Vote Obama!!!!

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