Matt Grant to Shayne Lamas: Gimme the Ring!

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Despite his ex-fiancée’s lies claims, The Bachelor star Matt Grant is definitely not cool with Shayne Lamas keeping their engagement ring.

“It wasn’t a ‘gift’ so much,” the British-born Grant says. “It’s not a TV or a handbag. It’s a symbol of a marriage that didn’t happen.”

Shayne Lamas recently said she planned to keep the 2.85-carat diamond ring “safe and clean and in a glass box — like a glass slipper.”

She claimed Matt Grant approved, adding, “He wants to come over and look at it.”

He says that conversation never happened.

“We never discussed this,” he says. “I never said it was cool to just keep it. If she said we spoke about it, then she just made that up. Sometimes she thinks she can say anything and that I’ll go along with it.”

Amazing to think these two never got married, isn't it?

Almost as soon as the final rose was presented, Grant and Lamas were dogged by rumors of infidelity. Specifically, Shayne was said to have been screwing Justin Weneger in Las Vegas. They split earlier this month.

Matt Grant says he doesn’t want the ring back, necessarily, but thinks Shayne Lamas should at least auction it off for charity.

“Let’s have something good come out of this,” he said of the $65,000 rock. “Why hold onto it? What’s the point?”


I always thought Shane was in it for the wrong reasons! It broke my heart to see him send Chelsea home and keep that airhead of a woman! Anyone could see she couldn't have an intelligent conversation with Matt. It was like conversing with a baby. The only thing good about her was that she was stunning. Nothing else. I'm happy for Matt though! Good on you for finding someone new that obviously makes you happy. People may say what they want but at the end of the day, its your life to live. Good luck Matt! Caroline


I cant believe she has no shame about blurting it out to the public that she is keeping the ring!!! Is fame and a snazzy ring all she wanted from this experience? Good lord tramp, auction the ring of for charity!!!!!!!!!! ITS THE RIGHT THING TO DO.


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I knew she was just in it for t.v.purposes. He's stupid to have picked her...fake fake fake is all she is.


keep the ring!!??!! Heck no!
who does she think she is? collecting
souvieners(spell?) NO NO NO she is not
it BACK.....NOW!!


an engagement ring IS a gift, if he didn't put enough thought into who it is that he's asking to marry him and whether or not he really wants to marry her, than thats his problem. Ofcourse its kind of creepy to keep the ring, but oh my god what one could do with all the dough!!! granted in her case since she doesnt really need the money, the charity idea does seem like a win-win situation.

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