Shayne Lamas Denies Obvious Cheating on Matt Grant

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Their engagement has ended, but Shayne Lamas has every intention of keeping the ring presented to her by The Bachelor star Matt Grant.

“I have it and I am going to keep it forever for the rest of my life,” Lamas said. “It’s safe and clean and in a glass box like a glass slipper.”

And according to Lamas, Matt Grant has no problem with that arrangement: “Of course (he doesn’t). He wants to come over and look at it.”


Fans of the reality show watched Grant get down on bended knee and present the ring to Shayne Lamas on the final episode of The Bachelor.

A month later, the two were no longer living together.

“I did not cheat on Matt,” insists the ditzy Shayne. “I would never, ever cheat on Matt. He was my fiancé.”

Her break-up with Grant came on the heels of reports that Lamas was spotted partying in Las Vegas with Justin Weneger, a local businessman.

But according to Shayne, the two had already split by then.

“I want to clear this up 100 percent. That [Las Vegas trip] had nothing to do with our break-up,” says Lamas. “I was in Vegas with friends. Matt and I had already broken up. So I was a single 22-year-old woman having fun.”

As for her future on the dating scene.

“If I find the man, I’ll do it,” says Shayne Lamas, who plans on being “single for a while,” but is not counting out marriage later on.

“But I’m going to give this the two-year test. And then marry him. I think I’ve learned that two months is a little too short.”


She was clearly there for the wrong reasons! Matt is a dish and deserves so much better, she's trash and clearly her father was right about her intentions of only becoming a star. The fact that she is refusing to give back the ring is her own business but why in pete's name does she have to make herself so cheap by blurting it out to the public. She is and always will be trash. And as far the comment about a "boring Englishman" goes - you have clearly never been with an English gentleman...


Shayne is cool. Keep the ring, Honey.
What girl would be hapy with a used ring ? So why not keep it.
A cool american girl can't fool around with a boring englishman ;) Hugs from your norwegian family.


I think Shayne is trivializing the importance of the ring by saying she'll keep it in a glass box and "forever". She should not say anything to the public about what she is going to do. She is making everyone who trusted her on the show to believe that she was there for her career and that "Chelsea" was right about her.
I still love her and Matt and I wish them the best in their futures whatever they choose to do.


Hey, when you give a present, the receiver gets to do whatever she wants with it.


Matt was way too sexy and classy for Shayne! The fact that she is keeping the ring is so trashy. That shows what an immature and conceited person she is. Matt, please do not think that all American women are that shallow!

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