Swimsuit Showdown: Marisa Miller vs. Brooklyn Decker

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The Hollywood Gossip likes to break down matchups within the celebrity world so we learn, via readers, which stars are most popular.

Yesterday, we profiled two of the hottest teen heart throbs in the business today, budding Disney channel gods Zac Efron and Joe Jonas.

Today's battle is for the guys.

Sometimes, when we come across Marisa Miller and Brooklyn Decker sprawled on the beach in bikinis, we have no choice but to share them.

And to be quite jealous of the sand.

Follow the jump and tell us, gentlemen (and ladies, too) - which of these Sports Illustrated swimsuit models do you think is hotter?

Hot Brooklyn Decker Photo

Who's hotter: Marisa Miller (top) or Brooklyn Decker?

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her boobs are toooooooo juicy full of protien milk.


marisa is damn tooo sexy and her breasts are marvelous,awesome and juicy.


marisa miller.
her boobs r much better than brooklyn.
her boobs are very juicy.


This Brooklyn chick is very homely. She has that nasty vein thing, popping out of her forehead..blech! The other one is not all that either.


for me models are Cindy Crowdford, Valeria Mazza, Claudia Shiffer, among other....today anybody can be a model just because it comes in bikini in on a cover....I disagree...but if I could choose...I vote for Marisa Miller


Marisa looks like a cheap slut in tht photo. I never thought Marisa Miller is hot... but wateves(every men have differnet types so...) But Brooklyn got beautiful legs and boobs. I don't understand why people are always judging her. I know sometimes she's kinda ignorant but she's only 22 and she's living in dream of her life. I acutally went to high school with her(Butler, 2005), and she is very nice and very pretty.


Brooklyn is beautiful & seems a really nice,down to earth girl.She's also very,very lucky!


The owner of Cafe Duke said tim gunn was inside today on the cell sayin he thought anderson cooper would turn around if he waited long enough because he said cooper was in love with him secretly. Hewas on the phone with 2 guys posted outside cooper's apartment!!!


Yeah she's such a celebrity that anyone would want to impersonate her. God. She does own all of those accts on Facebook btw. If she got off Facebook and lived in the real world she might recognize her bf is screwing Tim Gunn according to rumor mill. That's what everybody is telling me these days. SURE HOPE IT ISN"T TRUE


Be respectful. There are many posers on Facebook. I doubt all of those accouts are Brooklyn's. She's a very sweet, grounded girl. You don't even know her and you're already judging her.

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