Inside American Idol: David Archuleta's Relief, Dedication

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David Archuleta has never been in the bottom three on an elimination night. And we'd be willing to wager that he never will be.

But, according to People Magazine, the young, popular crooner was shocked when he was sent to the safe sofa this week.

As David walked over to join Jason Castro, also safe, on the couch, he mouthed "wow, wow, wow" to himself, maintaining a look of shock into the break. We don't know why. Of course he was safe, and he'll continue to be until the finals (where we hope he loses out to David Cook).

David Archuleta was reportedly surprised he remained on American Idol this week. Were you?

Also, according to a family friend, Tuesday night's song choice of Neil Diamond's "America" was chosen by Archuleta in dedication to his mom, Lupe, who originally came to the U.S. from Honduras.

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The "news" about DA and PD is entirely unsubstantiated except from anonymous, hateful rumor-mongers. Despite their claims there has never been a picture of them together or a reliable quote from someone who actually knows them. The column you are trusting for information is so full of crap you can't wade through it. And if it were true, PD would be in a helluva lot of trouble for taking advantage of a much younger 16 year old. I don't buy it. People, leave this 17 year old boy in peace.


hey im sorry to burst everyones bubbles but this link that everybody is giving out and telling about a secret blog its not working for me for some reason and i believe all the news about David and Phillip but i really want to see it with my own eyes too so plz could somebody explain those steps to getting to the "secret blog" clearly cuz i've tried all the ways ya'll have said to try it but it isn't WORKING!!!! ughhhhhh lol so plz could somebody find another way to get to it?? thanks


I LOVE David Archuleta! He is so cute! and he had BETTER win american idol! so u guys who wanabbee david's girl, he is already taken by me!!!


Lisa--if you knew anything about David A you would realize that what you wrote is full of "you know what". Don't pull him down to your level and don't make stupid comments until you know what you are taking about.


okay, he shouldn't be suprised, but I'm not suprised he is. David is just such a humble person that the idea that people are really really in love with him and his voice is a completley foreign idea to him.


your rock david a u should win idol




OKAY PEOPLE, You need to all check out this link if you want to know the truth. people have been talking about this on this website every day and now whoever wrote this story is trying to act like this is something new, no way! David has been acting scared for weeks not and it is because people know the truth about him being gay and you can read all about it right on this website just on another page, just click on this link http://www.thehollywoodgossip.... and see for yourself. I am tired of all the coverups. they are lying to people to keep them voting for him.


we do know why... people are just afraid to report it because he is under 18!!! I still think they should report it and I know eventually someone will get the balls to do it. anyways, check out something right on this website. People have been talking about this for months now and it seems as if it has been exposed that David Archuleta has been in a gay relationship with Phillip Daggett from Massachusetts. If you check out this link below, or just click on his picture on the home page of this website of him holding a dog you will see for yourself when you read the comments, so someone grow some balls already and write the damn story and stop being so scared of daddy archuleta! Here is that link http://www.thehollywoodgossip.... Or you can click on his picture of him and a dog on the homepage of this website like I said already. SOMEONE WRITE THE DAMN STORY ALREADY!!!


No not surprised at all. But if he is getting any information about the intensive media bashing he is getting, no wonder he was surprised. Some in entertainment are so Anti-Archie and Pro-Cook that he is taking the harshest media beating in AI history. And AI has started to pimp Cook and Simon's critiques are very pro Cook now

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