Clay Aiken and Jaymes Foster: Expecting!

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Many people have long speculated that Clay Aiken may be gay.

Why? No idea. Well, he's apparently not - he's gotten someone pregnant... though her name is Jaymes. Our point? We have none. We're just saying.

According to TMZ, Clay Aiken is going to be a daddy, having knocked up Jaymes Foster. No, we're serious! Clay Aiken and Jaymes Foster are expecting!

Sources say that the baby mama is a record producer, who produced some of his albums and is Clay's best friend. He lives with her when he's in L.A.

Jaymes Foster, seen here with Clay Aiken, is due in August.

She's the sister of record excutive and (Brody Jenner's stepfather) David Foster. Jaymes Foster in her late 40s, though her exact age is not known.

She divorced a few years back and has no kids. Clay Aiken is 29.

UPDATE: Apparently Jaymes Foster was artificially inseminated.

Clay is a gonna be more than just sperm to her, however - he will have an active role in raising her child. Aiken's rep has not yet commented. Stay tuned.


I dont know how old some of the pics posted here are but holy if annyoe has ever grown into ones self Clays the man!!! Hes simply absolutely handsome!


hi Clay your my favorite biggest fan your amsome great and nice


They didn't "Do It". They just artificially had Clay Aiken's sperm transfered into Jaymes. Their relationship is strictly friendship.
He IS Gay.
Hes admitted it.
Hes also said how hes not going to raise a child just so he can hide it,
but because he genuially wanted a child,
and I see nothing wrong with that.


shes 20 years older than gay aiken, but i knew he was gay the day he stepped on the stage on american idol.


Better to be artificially inseminated with loving parents, than to have an oopsie or be unwillingly inseminated by force.


Congratulations to Clay and Jaymes, Parker is a real a cutie pie!


American Idol EQUALS American Idiots


Instead of artificially inseminating her, he sounded have bitten the bullet, closed his eyes, pretended she was a he and boinked her. Could have saved a few bucks. Who knows maybe he would have enjoyed riding her.


clay aiken geez Finally admits he is gay when he denied it for the 5 short years he has been in the biz Didn't even have the decency to copulate the right way ohh let's Ai her instead and now he is raising that child without a mother try explaining that one to the kid when he is older no wonder this country is going to the dogs


This is abnormal.

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I cannot raise a child to lie or to hide things. I wasn't raised that way, and I'm not going to raise a child to do that.

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