Shaniqua Tompkins Sues Rapper, Wants More Than 50 Cents

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Shaniqua Tomkins, 50 Cent's baby's mama, has filed a new lawsuit against the rapper.

According to our bitter rival, Perez Hilton, she's accusing the rapper of "breach of contract and unjust enrichment." He supposedly broke a promise to give Tomkins and their son Marquise a house.

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"This was a house that was promised to Shaniqua up until the closing," said Tomkins' lawyer Paul Catsandonis, ignoring the fact that Tomkins already receives thousands a month from 50 Cent in child support. "Then he decided not to put it in her name. Now he's trying to put her out of the house. This would mean evicting his own son."

If anyone has a photo of Shaniqua Tomkins, please send it our way!


Serves the ugly bitch right. Why in hell did he sleep with that fool in the first place. She aint worth 2 cents and she is trying to get all of 50 cents money. Shame on the bitch.


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