Megan Fox is a Beautiful Nerd

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Megan Fox was named the Sexiest Woman in the World by FHM readers this week. We can't think of a more deserving honor.

In the photo below, the actress proves that she doesn't need to wear lingerie in order to put Halle Berry, Maria Kanellis and Lauren Hastings to shame.

Fake Flight Attendant

Take a look at Fox rocking a pair of librarian glasses and holding a Rubik's Cube now:

We all know Megan Fox nude is a beautiful sight to behold. But so is Megan Fox fully clothed and in full-on nerd mode.

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Hello everyone, I would like to say a few words here about this whole thing, " - " that was it. Hey I do not know her so I have no right to comment, good/bad that is. I am writting all of this because I am bored and I can not sleep though my eyes are heavy. My message to vegans is that I love to eat beef and you can cry and wipe your face with lettuce. Beef rules. BEEF - COW, Mmm... , yum yum.


Hey me dUmB, .% , mE LyKe mEgan bUt me nOt love her. Me wiLl gO to hell aLONE.


Too bad, Harry! It has been more than 2 years since your comment and she's still pretty famous!


her beauty has made me want to kill myself. shes the perfect example.. idk why a guy ever liked me after seeing her. if i could be anyone else, I'd want to be her..


Haha, no she is really gorgeous, but you know that's not a REAL rubick's cube she's holding right? It's not that impressive...


she thinks shes cute.. she looks like a 2 dollar porn star. not gona last as a movie star