Dude From Poison Arrested, Faces Rape Charges

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While Bret Michaels searches for romance on Rock of Love, another member of '80s hair band Poison is going about it in a different manner.

Rikki Rockett was arrested on a rape warrant issued out of Mississippi as he arrived at LAX after getting off a flight from New Zealand.

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According to the L.A. Daily News, Rikki Rockett, 46, was arrested on Monday at the airport and then booked into the Los Angeles County Jail.

Rockett was held on a strong-arm rape warrant stemming from Neshoba County, Missisippi, and appears to have been released from L.A. County custody.

Details about the warrant were not immediately available. Messages left with state police officials in Mississippi have so far been unanswered.

Rikki Rockett (right) with fellow former Poison member Bret Michaels.

Rockett was born Richard Ream (really!) in Mechanicsburg, Pa., where he worked as a hairdresser, lifeguard, dishwasher, EMT and a suit salesman before he co-founded the band Poison with still-infamous vocalist Bret Michaels.

In random news, in late 1993, Rikki discovered that Poison guitarist Richie Kotzen was having a relationship with Rockett's fiancee at the time, Deanna Eve.

Kotzen was fired following this incident.

This is obviously a sad story, but Richie Sambora no longer has the Washed Up '80s Rockers Facing Legal Problems Club all to himself this week, at least.


Hey guys, The first episode was kleilr sweet rigs a cool trail, and a great profile on the people behind the wheel. That being said this one seems too have gotten away from the point Rock Crawling TV It was cool too see Ricki's jeep but I personally would have been happier seeing a few well thrashed jeeps on an obstacle as opposed to a jeep doing a photo shoot. The tech part was not very strong either there could have atleast been some dialogue while he was plugging his tire not everyone has plugged a tire or has any idea how. Best of luck on the next episode as I will still be watching.


What does something that happened in 1993 have to do with the case..Rikki is innocent in my book and all the fans of his and Poison's on my Myspace pages are in agreement. We support him ...until he is proven guilty. But I will support him .

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