Ali and Dina: Soon to be Living Lohan

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Excuse us while we vomit...

Okay, we're back and ready to announce that the name of Ali and Dina Lohan's summer reality show will be Living Lohan.

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While we were hoping this series would be based around the mother and daughter dealing with different incapacitating illnesses every week, it looks like the show will focus on Dina once again pimping out a daughter instead.

"Viewers will go inside the Lohan's Long Island home for the first time to follow Dina as she works double duty as mom and manager to help Ali try to follow in her big sister [Lindsay's] famous footsteps," a press release for the show says.

Cameras will also follow the duo to Vegas as Ali Lohan becomes the latest untalented celebrity to record an album.

"Dina is determined to help each of her four kids fulfill their dreams and refuses to live in fear of what others may think, despite being under the paparazzi microscope," the press release adds.

We'd write more, but we're too in awe of how incredible a mother Dina Lohan is.


i think shes cool i LOVE her sister but she's cool too i guess and i wouldd kill to have her lifee LUCKYYY! <3 ;)


OMG they are far from normal. I would have kicked her ass if it was my kid that brought home another dog when there is already 5 in the house. Ali is just another spoiled azz BRAT. And DINA White Trash! Just a piece of trash. She is going to get what is coming to her.


But really, what mother doesn't want to help their kids reach their goals?? I think the show is good to show that they are kind of normal!


Watched the show last night, and all I can say is..."All Aborad, Train Wreck #2 arriving on Track #1. This girl does not have the talent to be a star, she cannot carry a tune in a bucket. Although the voice can be enhanced with all the electronic technology available, Aliana is just a poor copy of another Britney wannabe. She doesn't have a style of her own, is not recording any of her own music, I would be surprised if she has any actual musical trainning. This is Dina living off of her child once again, and destroying yet another life. Dina, get in touch with an organization called a Minor Consideration, you need professional help, and your daughters need a decent mother.


her daughter is not cute


What a wretch this woamn is - and her ex-husband. She may be Cute, to some people, however, this woamn clearly "pimp's herself and her children. Goog Gief, what a very sadcommentary on America did she or her children ever do anything but be Cute - beautiful but Cute/ It's no wonder that we are hated throughout the world - this is and other no talent young adults are our culture??? "The last one leaving the U.S. please carry the flag".....


Improove your imagination ) look this


This dinah-whore must at least "USE" one daughter who will supply cash.
This because it's running out FAST!!


That kid looks like shes 50 already....

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