Out of the Blue: A Simon Monjack Sighting!

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It's been a long time since we came across a Simon Monjack picture, and the staff here at The Hollywood Gossip can't help but be surprised at this photo.

Why? Because apparently, his wife, Brittany Murphy, still has her money! Who would have expected our man Con-jack to stick with her a whole six months!

Mr. & Mrs. Monjack

Brittany Murphy and Simon Monjack: A relationship built to last.

Who knows. Maybe our staff members - and dozens of former acquaintances who have written us - completely misjudged the character of Simon Monjack.

Or he's just waiting for the right moment to drug Brittany Murphy, purge all of her investments, undergo appearance-altering plastic surgery, change his name and vanish to Zambia. One can never be sure with this man.

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Cre-e-e-py to hear these comments from 2 years ago! Makes you really wonder about this guy. I read where her Dad called him "that Simon." Her estate was left to her Mom, so at least this guy didn't come away with that...


After today, who would have thought it would have taken this long for it to happen. WOW!!! You guys had it right! So sad thought, Brittany is a talent I will miss.


I really hope he had nothing to do with her untimely death. Such a beautiful woman.


Better start checking Zambia..............


Hmm...wonder if you guys also keep a psychic on staff...


Simon is a narcissitic and diabolical and will wait out the watchers and he knows to seduce someone into his way of thinking takes more than 6 months or even a year. He is doing this for self and it is comfortable and goign the way he wants it to go and Brittany wanted so badly to be married and he reads the tabloids and knows whats going on with her before he even met her. It is part of the seduction so that Brittany will continue to think that it is incredulous that he has a daughter that he pays no child support for in the UK, but his mother condones this and the child's mother was so beat down by him that she isn't capable of waging a fight for her child. Instead she depends on the system there and what job she gets. He will show his true self to Brittany when she has a child for him. Simon's living the fantasy he always wanted Hollywoood style, but we know like the wildfires of California, the burn is coming.


Simon aka John.....you're the one who needs therepy babe...it sure didnt take you long to make your 'wife' insecure about her looks that she'd resort to ridiculous surgery....she looks like a puffa fish - what with the cod eyes and all....


Micky - GET THERAPY!!! these two have been married seven months and look so happy in every shot!


He'll take her money all right...what on earth is he living from? His massive debts all over? He is making her believe she can't live or act without him..anyway, if she does not comply, he will threaten her and her family soon enough...oh, and want to kill himself for the hundredth time. What a fat lazy ugly slob. A shame he is living the good life, it sure cannot last long...Brittany wake up!


Brittany got the lips i really want from a babe! love it pouty!!

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