Lips Serviced: More Plastic Surgery For Heidi Montag

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Nose job? Check. Boob job? Check. Lip job?! Check!!

Proving that no plastic surgery should ever be off limits, Heidi Montag recently had a lip enhancement procedure and showed off her new, pretty little mouth while out and about with boyfriend / ex-fiance Spencer Pratt on Saturday night.

A Trophy Wife

Heidi Montag's mouth got worked on. Insert punch line here.

The Hills' couple everyone loves to hate later met up with Spencer's little sister, Stephanie Pratt, for some sushi at Katsuya in Brentwood, Calif. We're sure they had a great time and didn't care about getting their photos taken at all.

Follow the jump for some before-and-after pics of Heidi's lips ...


i liked heidi's old appearence moch more than her current. she's just like other 1 000 000 girls now. she was so pretty before the plastic surgeries... poor her.. so stupid.


Both of those pics are definitely her.. she looks weird to me after all her surgeries.


Oh...I also forgot to mention..YOU ARE SOo FAKE.. both PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY...


i agree. it's definitely her. what's next a sex tape.. probably. too bad her lips look like a monkey's.


Um actually that is the hills she looks like a wannabe porn star. That girl loves attention....


OmG she looks like a hot mess. What is she gonna get next a butt implant? I just googled the lipjob to see if it was true because i noticed them in the new seasons promo commercial.. && i guess i was right.. I wish i wasn't lol


Ew, she was so much prettier without that. She doesn't even look like herself anymore.


It's not even her.


I'm a barbie girl in my barbie world I'm made of plastic its so fantastic!!!!


the top picture isnt even her... no wonder you think she's had surgery!


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