Anti-Semitic Photo of Kat Von D Sparks Controversy

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Looks like Mel Gibson may have some company.


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    OMG People!

    Before judging on anyone or anything, you should all be aware that the Hakenkreuz (Swastika) is wrong! If Kat was racist, I bet she wouldn't draw it like this.


    omg wtf im bored and wtf kat is always PMSing and angry and won't shut the hell up GOSH


    R u people kidding me have u seen LA INK she thinks Gods name is Kat Von D she Craps all over the people who work in her shop. Grow up Kat.


    First of all, did you people not see Kat's last few episodes on Miami Ink? She was sitting there talking shit about the shop, IN THE SHOP, to a client. I think the client may have been a friend, but that is unprofessional, very disrespectful. Someone mentioned that Miami gave her her big break, that is 100% true. Without those guys there would be no LA Ink. I love the Miami Ink crew, they are fantastic. (Sidenote that has nothing to do with the Kat/Ami debate. I freaking LOVE when Garver draws Darren's head on random stuff, I laugh everytime.) Okay, back to what I was saying. Kat=Boo! Ami=Woo! The end. I realise nobody has been commented on this since 2009, but I felt the need to defend my beloved Ami.


    If one takes the 15 seconds to Google a Kat Von D signature and compare the writing, there is no question that she did not write that. The anti-semitic photo has sloppy "boy" writing. Perhaps an ex-boyfriend's writing?


    American people always hold on anything to attack those who they envy. To the ignorant that said that her dad was a SS officer. Her das was born and raised in Argentina and her mother too. A SS officer in the 70's, 80's?? LOL I never heard of a SS officer in the argentinean forces lol. The people that says she did are those who are her opponents. So they are totally uncredible. And a lawyer will do anything they can for their client, no matter what because they get paid for it. So not credible either. And please stop being stupids, you're feeding the american yellow press.


    Now iam shure she's a nazi. Her grandpa was a SS officer Ulrich von Drachenberg. Its all in the gens.


    I'm on Team Ami and the disgusting photo breaks my heart. I'm convinced that Kat would stoop to these levels (a personal conversation between my husband, Ami, and myself convinced me of that). Go Ami, boo Kat!


    I have an autographed photo from Kat, and that sig does not even come close to the real thing. The letter formation isn't even close.


    You are all jealous of kat von d. you go girl

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