Jillian Grace: Carrying David Spade's Love Child?

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Mere minutes after we wrote the words "Camila Alves pregnant" - while commenting on how many young, unmarried celebrities are expecting - word came out of yet another single beauty being knocked up.

Indeed, Jillian Grace isn't as well-known as Jamie Lynn Spears or Halle Berry, but the 22-year-old Playboy Playmate is claiming that David Spade is the father of her impending child.

Grace, who was named Miss March 2005 and has appeared in classic film parodies such as Epic Movie, is alleging that she had a relationship with the incredibly annoying, unfunny comedian.

To Spade's credit, he's at least acknowledging as much, telling TMZ:

"I had a brief relationship with Jillian Grace. If it is true that I am the father of her child, then I will accept responsibility."

That's nice and all, but we can't stop wondering: how the heck has Spade slept with hotties such as Grace and Heather Locklear?!?


I think he sounds like a nice guy. He's always giving to charities, he stays out of trouble. He doesn't seem to "kiss and tell"...I don't see what's so shocking about this. Perhaps some of these girls get tired of the plastic men in Hollywood and occasionally go for character over looks...the relationships don't seem to last so apparently the girls go shallow in the end, though. Poor guy, lol.


How? Um, if you pay them enough?


Jillian Grace is a PIG. Jillian has a horsey BUTTAFACE. Yuck.


How in the hell does a guy like Dave Spade manage to nail super hot chicks?? I guess we'll have to add that question to the list of life's mysteries along with where do flys go at night and what's the meaning of life....


The answer to your question. There isn't anything more "sexy" that a good sense of humor!


Wow! Another Midewestern bimbo about to land an 18 year payday...wasn't she banging Pauly Shore not that long ago?! Blind and dumb..HOT!

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