Insane Britney Spears Spoke in British Accent at Hospital

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Having gone off the deep end, Britney Spears spoke with a British accent during a meltdown and subsequent hospital stay at L.A.'s Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Friday, according to a new report by Entertainment Tonight.

What does it mean?

"She's gone bat$h!t having some identity issues," a psychologist tells Us Weekly regarding the pop star, who recently lost custody of her mistakes children, Sean Preston Federline, 2, and Jayden James Federline, 1.

Driving Miss Crazy: Britney struggles at driving, life.

"What it definitely says is she doesn't really like being where she's at â€" there's a part of her that wants to escape who she is really is. Britney is in an adolescent mode of thinking ... [she's] trying on different personas to see what feels good."

Whatever dude.

In any case, Spears left the hospital Saturday after a strange meeting with Dr. Phil, and then somehow fled L.A. unnoticed with paparazzi beau Adnan Ghalib.

But not to fear. Last night, Britney was up to old tricks - driving around aimlessly, flashing a lot of skin, begging for attention and having car trouble.


I don't think her kids were mistakes but I agree with an article I read elsewhere that suggests that Brit doesn't regard them so much as dependents so much as things she enjoys.


Jesus Christ peoplejust leave her the her alone for a few months and she'll be loads better...just watch.


if anything i feel sorry for her kids. looks like they'd be better off with Kevin. you don't see him acting all crazy.


so if she gets pissed off then she starts talking with a British accent? hmm.. O.K. lol She's been spoiled way too much and now its backfiring on her. Get real.


i think brittany is a great person she's the best so what if she gets a little pssied off some times and so what if her little sis is having a baby its not her fault


give her a break, people!


there once was a girl named shai lin (Shi Lin) and she was chinese she moved form china to America the next day she was found dead and her name was carved in her back and if you don't post this to 10 other comments she'll kill you with a knife and carve your name in your back


You know you've gone crazy when you start speaking in British .


She was most likely being sarcastic. This girl is no more crazy than I am. I think she is very cunning.


Wow, this is sad. I hope she gets better and is surrounding herself with the right people :-(


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