Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt: LC is Needy, Sucky

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Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are not listening to Jason Wahler.

The man who swears he did NOT make a Lauren Conrad sex tape has told his former flame's former friends to shut the heck up. Instead?

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Spencer and Heidi are featured in the latest issues of COSMOGirl! In it, The Hills stars give an interview entitled "What You Don't Know About Me & Spencer." It's nauseating.

It's also excerpted below, courtesy of Us Weekly:

Heidi on Spencer:
"I could start crying right now when I think about being without Spencer."

Spencer on Lauren Conrad:
"Lauren is the show's Goody Two-shoes. Heidi is portrayed as the wild, goofy friend who is going through all these experiences that they can't have Lauren go through because she is the sweet, innocent character. But sometimes she's the craziest one of us all."

Heidi on being the bad girl:
"It's like I was the good girl on the show until I fell in love with Spencer, and then I became the bad girl. But they don't show the footage of how Lauren was sort of obsessed with Spencer, or how she called my mom in Colorado and told her I was involved in an abusive relationship, or how she would scream at me in the middle of the club if I wanted to leave at 2 a.m. to go see Spencer."

Heidi on Lauren being needy:
"I spent a lot of time with her during her breakup with [Jason Wahler]. I was there for her every day and night when she cried, and I have been there for her through some horrible things you never saw on-camera. No matter how much time I spent with her, it was never enough. Lauren always wants to have a friend around."

Spencer on how his relationship changed after Heidi and LC stopped being friends:
"All I know is that once Lauren was out of our relationship, it became flawless. It was like I had this girlfriend who had this friend whose goal it was to break us up. Lauren's not dumb, and she knows how to get what she wants. She's got a really strong team of people around her; she knows how to work it."


Hedi is a bitch and spencer is a dick sucker. Lauren is a nice girl and she is a great person and spencer is so ugly so is hedi and they r so ment for each other. Lauren was a great friend and she could of liked spaencer if he wasnt so rude and bosy.Hedi is a bitch because Lauren told it how it was and Hedi cant make her like spence so jus leave her alone.


Why do you people care so much about all this fake drama you see on tv? people dont really act like this in real-life and call out people randomly in clubs for no reason. people dont loose friends over ONE boyfriend and let the other friend have a cheating-on&off bf and still be fine with it. if thats true, its called hypicriticle. living in LA means your obviously trying to be something in this world, when really the most you will get is your 15 minutes of fame. people, get lives, get hobbies, and stop caring about people that dont even know you nor concern your lives in any way.


Hiedi AND Spencer and super mean they r famous b /c of LC. They r just jealous. Who cares LC is better off without them.!!!!!!!!!


When I see Heidi and ugly Spencer, I see such a fake rekationship. I know they say it's real, and it probably is, but it comes across as fake. So something there is wrong. As a healthy couple, they should have lots of friends around them, not hate on everybody for every stupid little thing. First on Lauren, then on Brody their two ex-best friends. It's really lame. This way they will not have any friends and will get sick of eachother as soon as they get married. It's so unhealthy. Heidi if you read this please please trust me. i think you can be a great girl, but you need to watch which guy you let manipulate you. Spencer is like a little girl. so bitchy and so ready for scandal at anytime. you need to watchout because this will come out later in your relationship


Yea, Heidi is Spencer's puppet. I don't know what attracted her to him. I really don't. I can't stand his wicked smile, and the way he talks. I think they will get married and divorce soon after, because they'll wake up. and please Heidi and Spencer leave Lauren alone. She is a sweetheart that does not deserve to be treated like that. you monsters


Heidi, you NEED to get rid of Spencer. You are being BRAINSWASHED. What are you doing at 21 with completely no friends and a fiance? A fiance who hated your BFF from the first day. He really got between you two, and a man should not do that. He needs to accept the fact that you need friends other than him. He should be open about your friends, not hate them. He is WORSE than a GIRL- seriously, Trust me, you will not last like this. You are ruining your life with him. He's a controlling biatch. so lame, I just can't believe how a girl like you could date him. I really hope he will not be arround for long.


Heidi and Spencer got serious issues!!!


I HATE Heidi. She is not a true friend.
She needs to get her ASS BEAT!


Who cares if lauren made a tape Heidi is Spencers puppet He is so gay he wouldnt know what to do with a girl as pretty as Lauren! Does Heidi and Spencer even sleep in the same bed?


I physically get nauseated when I see Heidi and especially that looser Spencer. The two of them need psychological help! They are liars and it is disgusting the things they have said and done. Heidi is a compulsive liar and backstabber. Spencer is one of the ugliest men I ve ever seen. Ive never seen a couple behave so immaturly and disgusting as they have. I feel sorry for Heidi's parents. Heidi was never a friend to Lauren. Oh my God they make me sick!!!! Heidi was once a pretty girl and now is so ugly! Shame on both Spencer and Heidi....bad Karma for them.

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