Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia: Heroes in Love?

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Look away, Stephen Colletti.

Just a few days after the Laguna Beach alum had his heart broken by Hayden Panettiere, a possibly revealing picture of the Heroes actress and her co-star has popped up.

Tattooed Hayden

Based purely on this photograph, Hayden looks quite chummy with Milo Ventimiglia, doesn't she? The pair may be related on Heroes... but they may be relating between the sheets in real life. If you know what we mean!

It's okay. We can make that joke now because Hayden is 18.

Pssst: I'll show you my super power if you show me yours.

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Yeh i agree she is soo lucky! Milo is the most hottest actor ever! I love him! I never concentrate watchin heroes, all i do is drool over him! he he! Hayden seems a really nice down to earth girl and good on her! If it was any other couple i would think shes way to young to be with a 30 year old but they go together so well, as long as there happy together! Am soo jealous! xx


i think that they make a great couple, milo is so hot and hayden is really pritty.if they are happy then its nothing to do with anyone else.


No, I'm sorry there fourth CD called, Hard I like Walk Outta Heaven, Tryin to find the words and What's it like. John, if you don't know who Jagged Edge are they are an R&B group with songs such as, Let's Get married, Promise and Promise Remix, Slow Motion, Addicted To Love, Ready and Willing, Goodbye, Respect and many others. These boys can sing and they are a faster more upbeat Boyz II Men from the 1990s.


I think they would make a really cute couple! I mean age is just a number. Plus, the heart wants who it wants...


hi i think that they look really hot together . both of them are great acters


Milo u are the hottest guy in the whole entire world, seriously!!! i'm very judgemental and i think ur the best looking guy. PLEASE marry me cause i am crazy about u! i watch heroes and ur my favourite character
p.s love aryana


Kevin don't be mental


nah...because i will be with her


thats not fair why doesnt she look for a guy her own age!!!!?


i think they will be great as a couple they suite each other ke a picture ofher holding his leg then other one with him touching her bum

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