Evan Rachel Wood Loves Marilyn Manson. Here's Why.

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Asked to sum up the appeal of new boyfriend Marilyn Manson in just one word, Evan Rachel Wood doesn't hesitate:


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"If you've ever dated me, then you would have ended up wearing eyeliner at some point," she tells the British edition of Elle in its August issue. "All my boyfriends have."

Of course, at 19, Wood is barely older than Hayden Panettiere, so how many guys could have even dated her by now? No beef here, just asking.

Makeup aside, Wood says the rocker - whom she calls simply "Manson" - is "lovely, really human and just amazing. It may surprise you just how healthy and loving our relationship is."

"He's crazy... and crazy, by the way, is the highest compliment I pay. Manson is definitely crazy. Hopefully I am, too," she added.

Wood and Manson, twice her age at 38, met at the Chateau Marmont in L.A., with "both of us hiding in the corner of a party neither of us wanted to be at."

She says they became "movie buddies," until one night - after he separated from wife Dita Von Teese in December 2006 (Dita Von Teese filed for divorce five days later) - "we suddenly just looked into one another's eyes and knew."

HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP NOTE: Other sources have said that Manson's relationship with Wood was a factor in Dita Von Teese's decision to file for divorce.

: Evan Rachel Wood has got her work cut out for her if she wants to compete with a Dita Von Teese nude in a martini glass!

Despite Marilyn Manson's reputation as a hard partier, Wood says she is "hopeless at drinking." Asked about drugs, she says: "I'm not saying I'm an angel, I just don't have an addictive personality. Even today, with Manson, I'm happier staying home watching movies."

She also gushes about the influence Marilyn Manson has had on her:

"You should see his house, omigod, it's a hurricane of creativity. It's making me feel more creative than ever. I'm writing poetry, songs, taking photographs, experimenting with fashion, everything."

Other things Evan Rachel Wood has learned from her relationship?

"How cruel people can be. I've seen [celebrity gossip] blogs where I've been called a slut, a whore, that say I should be condemned to death simply because I've fallen in love. Surely the fact that we are both prepared to go through all this proves just how important, and real, our love is, no? Everyone is so worried that I'm losing myself but really I'm finding myself. I've never been more comfortable in my own skin."

Amen to that. Whatever makes you happy, guys. No matter what, we know your love is 1,000 percent more real than that of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt.

Previously, Wood dated Billy Elliott actor Jamie Bell, whom she in 2005. She has a "J" tattooed in green on her left ankle. For the record, yes, Bell wore eyeliner when he dated her.

"He looked great in mascara," she says.


He said in his book when Missi Romero was having an abortion 3 rooms down all he could think was that he wanted her to ask the doctor if they could keep the fetus. He spreads hate. He encourages stanism, murder, self mutilation, suicide, drug usage and homosexuality. He is evil and anyone who looks up to him is just as sick as he is. It's pretty sad people now a days WANT to go to hell.


Hey Christy wake up. MM didn't save ya'.., God save you. For god sake~


first of all, for u ppl calling him a freak, he looks completely normal without makeup.Second of all, have any of u watched any of his interviews? He's a very articulate,intelligent guy with a good sense of humor. He denies the satan worship stuff, it's just a title that lavey gave to him.




How sad how some of you put your religion to judge who a person is. How pathetic this world would be if we all thought like you. Manson is artist and unique. It sound to me he knows who he is I give him respect for that. I wonder what your god would say about your judging and finger pointing at someone who has done nothing to you but be themselves. Judgemental people like you make me sick! Open your mind and look at the big picture here he's a musician and artist, that does not sound so violent to me. Cheers to Manson!


That freak dont deserve a girl like Evan.Im sure she will realize in time.When lovely girls date with bad guys she always get hurt.


Do you know Marilyn Manson?NO so how can you say such bad things about him.He has saved my life.I use to try to kill myself ans when I started listing to MM he made me see that I was not alone and that there is others out there that feel the same as I do and understands how I feel.So back off he saved me.My dream is one day to meet him and tell him to his face how great of a man he realy is.If pepole would listen to his music they would see how true he realy is he tells the truth you just can not handle the truth.His music and great way of dressing dont hurt anyone the problum is the Presadent and his followers and parents that dont listen to there kids.I'm 33 years old and love Marilyn Manson.I wish I could see him in concert.


Sweet looking girl?....Who cares, they both can rott in hell. Maybe MM will find some new use for his eyeliner and fake boobs there.


I don't see what the big deal is , yes Marilyn Manson is creepy and crazy but there is something that is between them, if you would look past all the crazy exterior you all would see it.


He was already given the "honor" of "Reverend Manson" by Church of Satan founder, Anton LaVey. I mean, Give me a break! Yikes, and this person is selling hits?? Are you kidding me? I wonder where he and his "disciples" practice their religion. Evan Rachel Wood seems to be a sweetie. I guess you just really can't judge by the outside.


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