Akon Throws Fan Off Stage, Police Investigating

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This time, he did more than smack that.

He frickin' threw that. Clear off the stage.

Akon and Michael Jackson

Alleged musician Akon may face police questioning after he chucked a fan from the stage into the crowd during a concert... an incident he can't really deny, since it's documented on video. See below.

Detective Lt. John Berlingieri of the Fishkill, N.Y., Police said officers were looking for the young man at the Sunday concert who was plucked from the audience by a security guard, directed up to the stage, then literally thrown back into the crowd by Akon, the Poughkeepsie Journal reports.

"We're trying to identify that kid, just to find out whether or not we have any kind of criminal offense," Berlingieri told the paper.

"We are looking to speak to him. No victim. No crime."

The fan-tossing took place at WSPK (104.7 FM)'s annual KFEST concert after someone in the crowd threw an object past Akon. A video showing the man being hurled from the stage has widely circulated on the Internet.

Reps for the collaborator of Gwen Stefani and Snoop Dogg, among others, couldn't be immediately be reached for comment.

This was the latest controversy involving the oft-troubled singer, whose Konvicted album has sold more than 1 million copies.

He lost his concert sponsor, Verizon, after another video hit the Internet showing Akon simulating sex acts with a 14-year-old girl in Trinidad at a concert of his.

There's another side to this jailbait tale, of course.

The girl, later identified as Danah Alleyne, was discovered on MySpace, and found to have lied about her age to get into the show... and by the looks of some of the racy photos of the incident, appeared to enjoy the special Akon "treatment."

Anyway. Here's the video of Akon throwing the fan off stage, including the prelude to the toss, as well clips of the launch from multiple angles ...



Lmao what a fucking troll moment and it is kinda funny once you think about it trolls on parade!


Maybe the kid threw something by accident? How the hell can that be possible? You're the dumb ass, "Reality", someone should throw you under a bus :)


Akon's an dumbass, you never ever throw a kid of 15 years old, especially when he's a fan , maybe that kid throw that object by accident , some people say that Akon is the one who's right is really an idiot or just trying to protect Akon because they are big fans, but be serious, you just never ever throw a kid off the stage and after say " Now we can start the party!" . Be realistic .


the kid deserved it i mean...wat was he thinkin...wat trina be funnie...well i got a good laugh of it hahaha...i bet that will be the last time he ever try to throw somthin at a real african...hes lucky it wasnt me or else....hahaha well im goin there...but all ya hettin on akon get off his dick...hahaha


Stuped a#s


although i really like the guy, i have to admit that my opinion about him changed completely. you cant just throw someone off a stage, even if you'r a big celebrity loaded with cash to cover your as*. especially a 15 year old kid.


Why isn't anyone bringing up the fact the the guy attacked Akon first? Not justifying akon's actions, but stop attacking Akon without looking at the WHOLE situation. Maybe next time that guy will think about throwing someone on stage at a concert. Anyway, who cares? Don't we all have bigger issues to worry about besides what the stars are doing?


Somehow I feel that if Akon had been the one thrown, Tommy and Kailah would have a differnet opinions. I'll tell you what. Let me throw you from a six foot high stage riser into a crowd and see if that doesn't alter your opinion. Don't peddle your bull*hit comments. It's America. You can't blatently assault someone in such circumstances and not expect severe reprecussion. Bottom line is the kid has every right to sue. Someone assaulted him and that's against the law. Remember the law? It's one of the key ingriedients in our society that helps to keep order, keep people safe from flying bodies, and; oh yeah, let's people post whatever comments they like, no matter how ignorant.


To think dat i really like d guy,i was dissapointed wen i saw d video. All i said was" akon y".well i dnt knw wat t say bt i really hpe u r sorry 4 wat u did.i like u anyways,we r both africans. i 4give u


He didnt mean to im sure he neva meant to hurt the kid bt think of what hes been thru and he apoligises thru his music listen and think of what uve done thruought your life that were wrong and ull understand yes he has a criminal record but its other pepls fault he took all the blame the girl shouldnt have changed her age but still he shouldnt have done what he did but not everything is his fault and he has apologised 4 what he has done i know how hw feels ive done some bad things 2 .... Akon ill 4give u no matter what you do !


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