Hayden Panettiere: Hot, Underage, and... Punked!

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Seriously. We're starting to wonder if Hayden Panettiere's middle name is Jailbait. Actually, we're not. We know darn well that it's actually Leslie. But come on.

Take a long, long look at the outfit she's rocking below and you'll know what we're talking about, though. Out in L.A., the 17-year old starlet makes jaws drop in this ridiculously short, black, snug, see-through number. Yow.

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Yeah. She's looking more like Lindsay Lohan with each passing day. We certainly understand where her boyfriend, Stephen Colletti, is coming from. The prospect of hitting this has to be worth the risk of 2-4 years in a California jail.

Despite her undeniable hotness, Hayden Panettiere isn't immune from a good joke. Ashton Kutcher lays a classic practical gag on the Heroes cheerleader on the premiere of the final season of his hit show, Punk'd!

Her mom, Lesley Panettiere (not BFF Rumer Willis), acts as the accomplice as the young hottie is suddenly approached by an older man and his son. His wife comes in and "catches" Hayden Panettiere flirting with him.

Hayden's facial expression after the irate wife drops the f-bomb is nothing short of priceless - and the reason Ashton Kutcher's hilarious show has been such a long-lasting MTV staple!

Of course, Hayden Panettiere has been on the distributing end of Punk'd, having been the accomplice when Ashton punked her VJ boyfriend, Colletti.

What goes around comes around, girl!

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I'm sure that outfit isn't actually that see-through. Most of that is the camera's flash overdoing its job. If you want to paint Hayden Panetierre as a whore, do so by less nefarious means, will you?


The problem here isn't that a child is wearing a woman's outfit. The problem is the ridiculous American pretence that a person aged 17 years and 360 days is a child. Here in Europe a person enters adulthood once turned 16 years, which aligns with human biology.