Photo Finish: Katie Price vs. Big Bird

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Just to clear up any confusion: Katie Price is the real name of British super model, Jordan. Now, on to more important issues ....

Doesn't she look a lot like Big Bird in this picture?

Katie Price, Underwear Pic

We know Price is pregnant, just like Salma Hayek, so we're not knocking her weight. But this yellow outfit doesn't exactly flatter someone that's made a living off her looks. You don't exactly see Haley Scarnato wearing anything like it on American Idol, do you?

Price is trying to follow in the English footsteps of fellow models such as Keeley Hazell and Lucy Pinder, as she hopes to establish a worldwide name for herself. First, perhaps she needs to decide on whether that's "Jordan" or "Katie Price."

A few years ago, of course, Katie did take the most important step of all in order to become more well-known: she pulled a Heidi Montag and got breast implants. Let's just hope Big Bird doesn't do the same.

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Katie Price is British model who is also known as "Jordan." We don't know why anyone calls Katie Price this, but we do know a few things... More »
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