Jewish Leader Says Mel Gibson Nixed Meeting

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Actor/director Mel Gibson has been accused of reneging on his promise to meet Jewish leaders as part of his "path to healing" after making anti-Semitic remarks during an arrest for drunk driving.

The current President of the Zionist Organization Of America, Morton Klein, attempted to meet the star after he pledged that he would love to meet Jewish leaders to talk about the July incident.

Gibson the Crazed

However, Klein was told the tough guy actor had changed his mind.

"I called his publicist, told him I would be in Los Angeles for 10 days and would be willing to meet with Gibson privately, off the record. The publicist called back and said Gibson doesn't want to meet Jewish leaders after all. We've told our people not to support any of his projects."

Yikes. Maybe Mel isn't as repentant as he claims to be. In his defense, he has laid relatively low since his arrest (even with his new film, Apocalypto, garnering wide praise) and did appear apologetic. And he is certainly rising in the court of public opinion now that Michael Richards has been exposed as an insane racist as well.

Andy Dick recently went on a racist tirade too, but that guy's not even a real star. He is, however, a dick. Thank you, thank you. We're here all day!


unFame says, "It's well known that all major Hollywood studios (and major indie) are owned by those belonging to the Jewish faith...much like a monopoly on the media|arts in America Hollywood. Still, it's no crime to be anti anything in the US. In addition some Americans might feel it's just as bad being apart of a group known for being an anti-Christ society within the Gentile Holy-Land America. And, so a person has too many and makes a fool of themselves. So what?" Mel, trust that we forgive you. At, least you stepped up (even though immaturely). At least you stuck your neck out and made your affair a dividing line, for those Gentiles who demand our media back, especially our art media." So what?


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