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Wendy Williams is accustomed to spreading rumors and bashing others. But sometimes, the table turns.

When a new report surfaces claiming that she now has a girlfriend, Wendy decided to nip those rumors in the bud.

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Earlier this month, Wendy Williams had Robyn Crawford on her show as a guest.

Now, Robyn was allegedly Whitney Houston’s ex-lover.

Since that appearance, Wendy has — as she sometimes does — formed a new friendship with Robyn.

Between that and Wendy’s famous divorce this year, we suppose that it was only a matter of time before rumors began flying.

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Wendy begins to touch on this topic by discussing how she had been flipping back and forth between channels, half of the time watching Rachel Maddow.

"… Who by the way is looking beter and better. You look good, Rachel," Wendy says.

She then clarifies: "And I don’t mean that in a ‘how you doin’?’ way."

You might think that this goes without saying, but apparently it does not.

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Wendy speaks about reading a bogus RadarOnline story about herself.

"He’s insinuating that something romantical is happening between me and Robyn Crawford," she exclaims to her excited colleague.

"Look, mister short-arms," Wendy admonishes, before adding: "Friend of the show, though."

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"I am no lesbian," Wendy announces. Which … is something that we know.

She clarifies: "I like women for friendship."

"I like men and I like the D," Wendy adds.

In case you are unfamiliar with this common euphemism, the D is, well, dick. 

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Wendy’s declaration gets applause, less about the fact that she’s not a lesbian and more in solidarity with her fondness for a good dicking.

From here, she goes into how it’s pretty normal for a straight woman to hang out with a friend who’s a lesbian.

(And many groups of friends within the LGBTQ+ community will also have a token straight friend)

The cassual cissexism of conflating dating men with liking penises aside, Wendy would have been way, way more problematic about her denial.

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Some celebrities have gotten a tremendous amount of well-deserved flak over the years for how they choose to "shut down" gay rumors.

Sometimes, yes, it’s a young closeted celebrity who is pressued by their agent or by family or a studio to remain closeted.

Other times, it may be someone who’s genuinely straight who can come across as a little angry or offended that someone thought otherwise.

That latter case never looks good. Questions about your sexuality aren’t an insult. Just say the label you use and move on.

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Some may point out that Wendy is being a little hypocritical.

Just this week, during her coverage of the AMAs (which we linked up top), she went on a tangent about Shawn Mendes.

Like many, many people, she has chimed in to suggest that Shawn and Camila Cabello’s relationship is just for show.

Though she didn’t quite spell out her theory, Wendy used innuendo to imply to her audience that she believes that Shawn is not interested in women.

But … we don’t expect Wendy to change just because she’s on the receiving end for a change.