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As we mentioned during our Dancing With The Stars recap this week, Christie Brinkley had to bow out and was replaced by her daughter, Sailor.

The reason was an injury — but Wendy Williams used her platform to announce to the world that Christie must have faked it.

Now, Christie is firing back, exposing Wendy’s secrets, and inviting the talk show host to be kinder.

Unfortunately, despite a longstanding professional friendship with Christie, Wendy Williams spun a three-minute conspiracy theory on her show.

After Christie tragically fell and broke her wrist, she had to bow out of Dancing With The Stars, and was replaced by her daughter, Sailor.

Wendy’s theory, which she spun before her audience of millions, is that this was by Christie’s design.

According to Wendy, Christie must have planned to fake her injury from the start in order to give her gorgeous model daughter a career boost.

Christie would be the "foot in the door," and then millions of eyes would be watching Sailor every week.

Photo via ABC

The cunning plan that Wendy describes sounds like a brilliant way to elevate a celebrity daughter from moderate fame to a household name.

But there’s a huge difference from thinking of a good plan and pushing it as a theory to a massive audience.

And, again, Wendy and Christie had a lengthy history of professional friendship.

Notably, Wendy had also appeared on Dancing With The Stars herself a number of years ago, when her show was brand new.

It didn’t help that Wendy took an unnecessary swipe, saying that despite Christie’s looks, it’s all "65 on the inside." Thta’s just rude.

THE Wendy Williams
Photo via Wendy Williams

Christie Brinkley heard what Wendy had to say and was shocked — and hurt — to her core, as she revealed on The Talk.

"Wendy Williams started this rumor, which was stunning to me because I’ve been on Wendy’s show a couple of times," Christie states.

"For some reason she liked me," she reveals. "And she would call on me to support her in tough times."

"So," Christie recalls. "I got a call one day that she was having a terrible bout of stage fright, and she was about to drop out of Chicago The Musical,"

"And," she adds. "Would I come over and talk to her."

Christie Brinkley DWTS Photo
Photo via ABC

Christie says: "I was like, ‘You will never meet a more supportive and loving cast. You will love this experience and you will regret it if you don’t do it.’"

"I was there for her," she emphasizes. "Then she goes through a divorce, and I get a call again," 

"I get a call again, because let’s face it, I’m kind of an expert in that," Christie acknowledges.

Christie is a stunningly gorgeous woman who has famously gotten divorced four times.

"I came again and was like, ‘I’m going to help you.’"she shares.

Christie Brinkley in Red
Photo via Emmanuelle Hauguel /SPORTS ILLUSTRATED

Christie suggests that Wendy might not have said these things if she had known how serious her injury really was.

"I didn’t just break the [bones]…" Christie announces.

She explains that "because of the angle I hit, they shattered," 

"My surgery, that was supposed to take an hour and a half, ended up taking three hours," Christie laments.

"And," she reveals. "They ended up putting in a plate."

Christie Brinkley Visits The Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center For Brain Health
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"My message to Wendy is, it’s so much more fun to be kind," Christie suggests.

"Try it," she adds. "t can’t feel good to try to hurt other people."

"If it feels good, something’s seriously wrong," Christie concludes.

Honestly? Remind us to never piss off Christie Brinkley.

She may be a knockout, but she will verbally knock you tf out — with a smile on her face.