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I would like to spend a day with magazine photo editors.

I want to watch them photoshop a model’s body, and then point out that he or she is missing a shoulder blade, or that the right oblique is not symmetrical to the left.

Photoshop errors have reached a comical point in pop culture, so ridiculous-looking that some aren’t even replaced because of their popularity.

Victoria Beckham was recently featured in a spread for Vogue China, and readers couldn’t help but notice an odd space between the top of her leg and the torso to which is should be attached.

This was stranger than the thigh gap phenomenon, which measure’s a woman’s beauty based on the size of the gap between her thighs (touching = bad).

Beckham’s photo was simply laughable, because it was so painfully obvious that someone was working on "improving" the designer’s already thin leg, but got distracted by Kenny The Office Manager’s coffee cakes.

The result: A strange, straight line where the top of her thigh should be.  I blame Kenny’s coffee cakes.

One fan tried to explain that the tail of Beckham’s button-down was actually covering the thigh.

"Stunning!!" said fan wrote on Twitter.  "Someone said the thigh of her back leg is missing but it’s just her shirt."

Eh, I see the background.

Check out the photo for yourself to determine whether or not this was the result of fabric placement, or if it was all Kenny’s fault.