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In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, Vicki Gunvalson postponed her wedding to Steve Lodge. But they’re still going forward to other plans.

As Vicki buys a swanky vacation home in Mexico, fans are concerned that she could not have made this tone deaf announcement at a worse time.

The Hollywood Gossip

"Well I did it!" Vicki Gunvalson announces on Instagram.

"After spending over 30 years in one of my favorite places in the world," she writes, "I closed on my vacation/retirement house today."

"Other than being with my children, grandchildren, and @stevelodge_oc," Vicki begins to state.

She continues: "It’s one of my happiest and fondest memories and one of my parents favorite destinations."

Accompanying her happy caption is a video tour of part of her swanky new digs.

Nice floors and countertops continue throughout three bedrooms and two bathrooms, and that is just on the limited tour that Vicki offers.

The video, recorded in January, does not include a dining room, kitchen, or living room.

Presumably, there is much more to see of the Puerto Vallarta penthouse.

"I know some of you may think it’s wrong," Vicki acknowledges.

She continues: "especially in the state of the world."

"But for me," Vicki writes, "it immediately gives me hope and peace."

She says that she hopes "that things will resume to a new sense of normal soon."

"I won’t be visiting there until I’m able," Vicki acknowledges, in reference to the pandemic and likely to her work schedule.

"But as of today," she announces, "I own a home that makes me happy."

"I’m going to be donating all the bedding and most of the furniture to an orphanage," Vicki reveals.

"And," she shares, "will be putting to work some painters and a decorator to make this home ‘Vicki.’"

"Thank you to all who support my decision," Vicki expresses.

She continues: "As it wasn’t an easy one to go through with it."

Buying a home is always stressful, but particularly when Vicki is purchasing property in another country, albeit a closely neighboring one.

"Those who don’t," Vicki admonishes, "keep your mean comments to yourself."

Those mean comments might arise for a number of reasons.

For example, if someone were truly being mean, they might say that she is slinking off with her tail between her legs after losing her Orange.

But Vicki no longer being a Real Housewife may bea  blow to her brand and career, but she’s still a reality star.

Remember, she and Tamra have a new show together, though production has been paused for the pandemic.

But there are other replies that Vicki must have feared might come her way.

There is sweeping unemployment, largely due to unemployment caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition, millions of Americans are participating in passionate protests from coast to coast in the face of escalating police violence.

Racism and financial inequality go hand in hand. Was Vicki being tone deaf?

The Hollywood Gossip

Maybe she is, but let’s look at it from her perspective.

On the one hand, she clearly had this in the works for months, given that she recorded this video in January.

This is a huge milestone for Vicki — it’s a vacation home, and a place where she may one day spend much more time when she retires.

It’s also an announcement and life update for her fans and followers.

The Hollywood Gossip

But on the other hand, Vicki is announcing that she has purchased a home larger and nicer than most people will ever own, and it’s a vacation home.

Most Americans cannot take enough time off to vacation, let alone afford to jet off to another country, let alone buy real estate in that country.

Sure, Vicki’s rich — it’s part of how she became famous — but at this particular time, as heroic protests are ongoing, is it the time for such an announcement?

Vicki Gunvalson is Incredulous

Perhaps Vicki could have saved her happy news for next month and read the room a little.

Or maybe she looked at 2020 so far — almost going to war, the pandemic, widespread police violence, murder hornets — and figured that there will never be a "right" time.

2020 probably won’t get much calmer before election day. She might as well announce it now before, I dunno, Godzilla awakens next month.