Tyga Raps About Sex With Kylie Jenner, Relationship Problems on "Gone Too Far"

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In the past, whenever Tyga would rap about sex with Kylie Jenner, folks would express their (very understandable) discomfort over the idea of a grown man spitting rhymes about statutory rape.

These days, Kylie is 18, and her relationship with the Q-list rapper is finally legal, but Tyga's graphic verses about Kylie's vagina are somehow no less creepy.

Yes, Tyga's latest single finds the 26-year-old dad still musing about his favorite topic: his teenage girlfriend's lady parts.

"She gonna do it for a promise ring/ P--sy every night, remember what you promised me?" T-Raww raps, in what appears to be a reference to the massive diamond ring he bought Kylie for Christmas.

Like we said, it's a little weird and gross, particularly since the girl he's talking about was in high school a few short months ago.

But don't worry - Tyga shows his romantic side later on the track:

"You my Grammy, all them other hoes nominees/ I was never honest to them other hoes, honestly/ Sex in the shower, see you wet and my diamonds clean."

Take notes, gentlemen: Comparing the woman in your life to a trophy and assuring her that she's your favorite hoe is as romantical as it gets.

So perhaps that's why some listeners are so confused by the song's "chorus" (read: a phrase that Tyga repeatedly mumbles, almost in time to the beat) that appears to be about a troubled relationship.

Is Kylie the girl who's "gone too far"? We'll leave question that up to future generations of Tyga scholars.

All we know for sure is that T-Raww apparently plans to continue writing songs about barely legal sex acts. Hopefully someone will send Jared Fogle a copy of his latest mixtape.

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