Tom Hiddleston CONFIRMS Taylor Swift Dating Rumors!

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In case there was any doubt in your mind that Taylor Swift was dating Tom Hiddleston, we can now confirm that it is definitely ON.

Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift

It was kind of obvious when photos of the pair smooching on the beach surfaced earlier this week.

And it wasn't just some kind of one-day fling of sorts, because the actor has now admitted publicly that the two are indeed an item.

While walking down the street in New York City, Hiddleston was approached by paparazzi and asked about the dalliance.

"You guys officially dating?" asked the pap.

"Yeah, man," Hiddleston responded.

Short, sweet and without elaboration, but definitely a confirmation.

While the idea of T-Swift dating another celeb is hardly news, a couple factors make this situation unique.

First, Taylor broke up with Calvin Harris just a couple weeks ago, whom she dated for about 15 months.

While the former couple initially insisted their split was amicable, that mountain of fake niceties came crumbling down once the pics of Swiddleton became public.

Calvin unfollowed Taylor on social media and deleted all her photos from his accounts, and Taylor did the same.

According to a source, the DJ is convinced that Taylor cheated on him with the British actor, possibly in part due to a video of her and Hiddleston dancing at a Met Gala afterparty in early May.

But the other thing that makes us go "HMMM" about this new relationship is that they went public so quickly.

In fact, some believe the entire spit-swapping session on the beach was staged for paparazzi.

Taylor's love live has been in the spotlight for a number of years - she knew exactly what would happen if she was openly kissing a new guy.

Is she sticking it to Calvin? What'd he do? Does Taylor's publicist owe Tom's a favor?

Come on, what's your angle, guys?

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