Accuweather Map Looks Like a Penis, News Anchors Lose It

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You can't argue with science, people. But you can laugh at it!

While we're unfortunately familiar with stars who have sent photos of their penises to members of the opposite sex, it's not often that we see a weather map which resembles the male genitalia. 

But an unusual weather pattern cropped up over the East Coast this week, prompting the radar to spit out a map about 800 miles long that could not be ignored by the WGN morning team in Chicago.

"The East Coast getting the shaft," said one of the anchors.

"You call that a rod of high pressure."

With everyone laughing at the graphic, which first appeared on Accuweather, another reporter chimed in and said this was not a prank.

"You can't argue with the computer," he noted.

"It's science."

Last year, Jimmy Kimmel actually aired a video highlight reel of phallic weather maps. It was glorious and may have even inspired this one.

Call it art imitating d--k?

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