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And then there were… three?

Yes, Peter Weber has made history on The Bachelor, refusing to send a woman home following an emotional Fantasy Suite Week.

Is anyone else still reeling from all that went down on Monday night? Both behind closed doors and right out in the open?

Peter on the Finale

In terms of the former situation as described above, it’s pretty clear what transpired:

Peter slept with Victoria one evening and then Hannah Anne another evening. Both women said they were in love with the pilot after almost definitely making love to him.

Madison Prewett, however? She had a very different story to tell.

A virgin who is saving herself for marriage, Madison finally revealed this rather important aspect of herself to Weber… but she didn’t stop there.

Madison also told Peter that she was extremely uncomfortable with marrying someone who slept with other women mere days before his proposal.

“If you were to sleep with anybody else, it would be really hard for me to really move forward in this. I just feel like I owe it to you to be upfront and honest with you about that," she explained, adding:

"That is really important to me.”

Totally fine for that to be important to Madison, right?

But perhaps not very fair to Peter? Considering she signed up for a show that is based entirely on a man falling for multiple suitors and eventually having the chance to sleep with them?

Peter Weber in White

With all suitors involved well aware of these staks and this set-up when they agreed to be on the program?

Peter, meanwhile, had no idea how to response to this ultimatum.

“I am in love with three women right now,” he said on air at one point. “I’m torn three ways. And I have no idea how I’m going to do this. I really don’t.”

With these feelings in his mind and his heart, Peter actually did NOT send anyone home after Fantasy Suite week. He has taken the unique step of keeping all three women around for the finale.

So… about that finale.

In the extended sneak peek featured here, we see an "emotionally-drained’ Peter admitting to Chris Harrison that he may not have gone about his final week as The Bachelor in the best way possible.

"I’m so grateful for our relationship, but it’s all over," Weber tells one lady at one point.

Poor Peter Weber

We then cut to the scene that many The Bachelor spoilers have revealed, as Peter’s mom breaks down in tears and tells her son to bring an unnamed woman "home" because "that’s what love stories are made of."

To whom could she be referring?!?

"I’m so sorry," Peter also tells another potential wife. "I never envisioned this."

What is he talking about?!? The suspense is killing us!

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