The Bachelor Recap: And Then There Were Two ...

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You don't need The Bachelor spoilers to tell you that Nick Viall's journey for love reached its tipping point on this penultimate episode.

With Season 21 of The Bachelor escalating toward its conclusion next Monday, who was eliminated and who advanced to the finale?

On The Bachelor Season 21 Episode 10, you knew we'd start with the burning question, the resumption of the cliffhanger to end all cliffhangers:

Did Nick make Raven Gates orgasm or no?

We were spared any graphic details, but when Raven and Nick woke up in Finland after a night in the Fantasy Suite, she said the following:

“Nick is really good at what he does."

"So I’m pretty satisfied today.”

There you have it. Would you expect anything else from Nick Viall, given his level of experience with the winner of The Bachelor franchise?

Next up is Rachel Lindsay, who was announced as The Bachelorette weeks ago, so we knew at some point, she and Nick would split.

This made for an interesting dynamic, especially with Rachel seeming to be on cloud nine in Finland with Nick. Would the other shoe drop?

“You’re rare. And refreshing,” she tells him, beside herself that she's still on the show with a guy she considers so amazing right now? 

“I might be white, but I’m still a minority,” he says.

Well then. He has a way with words, that Nick.

“Rachel, I am falling for you,” he says, making the inevitable breakup that much worse for Lindsay and her fans at home “100 percent.” 

One hundred percent? Was Vanessa at 110?

Speaking of whom, Vanessa Grimaldi spent much of her romantic date with Nick in an ice bath, because this dude needs a cold shower.

We kid, but he kind of does, are we wrong?

“If we can do this together, we can do anything,” Vanessa says, in a cliche that makes kind of no sense in this context, but we digress.

Shortly thereafter, Vanessa asks Nick about moving to Canada, and this proud American has a difficult time visualizing that scenario:

“Your family’s so traditional. I’m not.” 

Nevertheless, it's Fantasy Suite time soon enough, and it presumably goes well, because Nick is crying later ... that he has to cut someone.

Much as we make fun of the man, and the show, it can't be easy when one of the three women who did nothing wrong has to get dumped.

Three girls, but only two roses. Who would it be?

As The Bachelor spoilers predicted ages ago, Raven Gates gets the first rose from Nick, and Vanessa Grimaldi gets the second.

There was no major plot twist. Or drama, really.

Rachel is going home, and it was sad to watch.

She's crushed, and a little surprised, but for the most part, she holds it together as he walks her out into the snow where the limo awaits.

Fortunately, so does her second chance.

If you watch The Bachelor online, you also saw the way she conducted herself on the Women Tell All special, and know Rachel is wonderful.

Here's hoping that fact, and the extensive time ABC has spent promoting her season in advance, pays off with a great list of contestants.

We heart you Rachel.

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