Teen Mom Season 5 Trailer: The OGs Are BACK!

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Teen Mom returns January 4, with Farrah Abraham, Catelynn Lowell, Maci Bookout, and Amber Portwood all back for more shenanigans.

Like the previous season, the camera crews will also be returning.

Teen Mom: OG, as the show was randomly rebranded (for Original Girls, not Gangstas), broke down the fourth wall like never before on MTV.

Basically, the gals are filmed being filmed and being pissed about it.

Case in point: Farrah Abraham screams, “I don’t need to be a part of a trashy-ass show anymore. ‘Cause I make millions of dollars doing other s--t.”

Ohhhh snap, she went there. But it's true, this woman is banking mad coin flaunting her new boobs in fur-kinis, among other business ventures.

Such as sex toys and porn. Lots and lots of pornography.

Anyway, some of her castmates are shown battling actual problems, like pre-wedding nerves in the case of Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra.

“I’m nervous,” Cate admits to Tyler. “You know, some people get married and everything changes.” Babies will do a number on you, too.

The trailer shows Catelynn lying in bed with the covers over her head, as Tyler’s mom asks if Lowell is struggling with postpartum depression.

Serious stuff. Good thing they're still the cutest family ever.

Meanwhile, Maci Bookout is growing sick and tired of waiting for her live-in boyfriend, Taylor McKinney, to pop the question. Like, really tired.

We're talking "hurry up and make me your wife" sick of waiting.

Amber Portwood? Her life is a bit of a mystery these days, but she hasn't been back to jail in a few years, so we can chalk that up as a success.

What else can fans expect come 2016 from the fab four?

Check out the trailer for the new season and follow the link to watch Teen Mom online to catch up on iconic past seasons before January 4.

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