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As you may have heard, Taylor Swift is friends with lots of famous women.

The list of female celebs who have joined Swifty on stage during her 1989 cameo has led us to believe that – like Mitt Romney before her – Taylor has binders full of women, and she simply opens a page and selects a few at random every night.

Case in point, during her concert in Santa Clara, CA last night, Taylor recruited Joan Baez and Julia Roberts to greet an enthusiastic, but probably somewhat confused crowd.

Taylor’s cameos may be somewhat baffling (Generally, guest appearances during concerts are restricted to fellow musicians who proceed to play an instrument or something.), but fortunately, they’ve inspired a hilarious viral video from writer Lara Marie Shoenhals.

In the bonkers 3-minute clip, Shoenhals-as-Taylor "welcomes to the stage" everyone from Casey Anthony to Christine Ouzounian ("the nanny Ben Affleck f–ked") with full Swiftian zeal.

We’d say this could be the start of bad blood, but we’re sure even Taylor can appreciate Shoenhals’ hilarious riffing.