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Based on an earlier release, we already knew that Zayn Malik was dirty and raw.

But who knew Taylor Swift was so into kinky sex?!?

The artist has stunned by fans by coming out with only new single of 2016, a collaborating with the former One Direction member that will be featured on the Fifth Shades Darker soundtrack.

It is titled "I Don’t Want to Live Forever."

Photo via Instagram

The “Shake it Off’ singer shared a sneak peak of the track on Twitter Thursday night, with it playing over a racy trailer from the raunchy sequent…

… and it then didn’t take long for it to both hit iTunes and hit the number-one spot on that service’s list of downloaded songs.

"Holy motherf–king s–t!!! My boyfriend is a genius and he wrote the new single from Fifty Shades Darker with Sam Dew and my girl @taylorswift (who has never sounded more sultry)," Lena Dunham wrote online after the news broke.

"And then there’s @zayn blowing up my whole heart. SO. DAMN. PROUD of @jackantonoff. On iTunes now I just bought itttttttt."

Swift fans seem pretty psyched about the track.

“I CANT BREATHE OMG SHE LITERALLY CAME OUT OF NO WHERE #fiftyshadesdarker #idontwannaliveforever," wrote one Internet user, while another added:

"Zayn and Taylor Swift is the strangest collab but this song is so freaking amazing."

It’s been assumed for months that Swift will drop an album before 2016 ends, but time is running out quickly for that to happen.

We may need to settle for this unexpected release instead.