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When the 90 Day Fiance fandom decides that they hate you, you’re usually a villain for life as far as they’re concerned.

This week, Tania Maduro revealed that she is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. Unfortunately, the response that she received was cruel.

"For those of you who assume to know all about me from just seeing me on a Sunday night TV show," Tania begins, "here’s a quick fact."

She then shares a screenshot of her DMs, where some vicious person was mocking her for supporting #MeToo.

Tania hit back at the troll, as fans can see, by revealing how very personal this topic is for her.

"Yeah, sorry," Tania wrote sarcastically before getting serious: "I was molested by the age of 5."

"Sorry that inconveniences you," she sarcastically fired back at the mocking troll.

"I was molested multiple times before I was even 5 years old," Tania wrote atop the screenshot.

"So yeah," she acknowledged. "#MeToo."

That is an important, painful reminder that #MeToo is not just about workplace harassment and sexual violence against adults.

"I also talked about that during filming," Tania wrote in a separate Instagram Story.

She added: "Don’t think it’s ever made it to screen, though.

"Just like a lot of stuff hasn’t," Tania observed.

That is an important reminder to viewers that what they see on screen is edited to entertain and follow storylines, not to depict the whole truth.

Tania speaks (90 Day Fiance S7)

Tania felt that aspects of how she told fans that she was a CSA survivor were taken out of context.

She followed up with a tearful series of videos, which we have combined for you to view here.

"My Instagram Story was directly related to someone hitting up my DMs," Tania begins.

She notes that the person DMed her, "trying to shame me for being part of #MeToo."

Tania and Syngin for 90 Day Fiance Season 7

"When I mentioned the show," Tania clarifies, "I said it for all of the people who think they know all of me."

"Because newsflash," she continues, "you don’t know all of me."

That is certainly the case. Reality shows are notoriously edited to show specific aspects of people’s personalities and lives.

Those who follow Larissa Lima and Evelin Villegas, certainly, see very different people than those who only saw them on 90 Day Fiance.

Tania with Syngin Times Square (90 Day Fiance S7)

"I never once mentioned my behavior on the show," Tania notes, "and/or Syngin."

"I just said ‘you don’t know all of me,’" she emphasizes.

"And now people are using my story to try to tell me I’m using it to try to justify anything else that may be on the show," Tania laments.

She affirms: "It’s completely false and wrong."

Tania and Syngin 90 Day Fiance S7 teaser 2

"I can share my truth," Tania correctly states. "It is my truth and my story to share."

"And someone tried to shame me for being part of the #MeToo movement, not realizing that actually, I am," she explains.

"I am," Tania concludes. "#MeToo."

That was heartwrenching to watch and heartwrenching to hear. 

If you don’t like Tania’s behavior on the show or think that you’d make a better spouse for Syngin, that’s fine. Leave Tania’s traumatic past out of it.