Tamra Judge: I Started the Train Rumor to HELP Kelly Dodd! Honest!

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At this point, viewers of The Real Housewives of Orange County are almost as tired of that Kelly Dodd sex rumor as Kelly is.

Remember, it was Tamra who first blurted it out after Vicki kept loudly dropping "hints."

Now, Tamra explains that she brought it up with the purest of intentions. In fact, she was trying to help.

Tamra Judge on the Couch

Tamra Judge sat down with Entertainment Tonight to explain why she blurted out the rumor when she did.

"I feel I did the viewers a favor," Tamra explains.

"It was something that was told to Shannon [Beador] and Vicki last year, offseason," she details.

Tamra says that it was a "friend" of Kelly's who told them.

"They told me, we three knew about it," Tamra continues. "I never really thought it was gonna be brought up or an issue or anything."

"But then," she recalls. "Vicki kept going, going and I'm like, 'Are you talking about the train?' Almost like, 'That stupid rumor?'"

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Though her intentions were good, Tamra says that she had no idea that "it was gonna go that far."

"So, when the season started this year, Kelly and I were talking a lot," she acknowledges.

"We were drawn together," she explains. "Because I know what it's like to be a victim of Vicki rumors, right?"

"She would talk to me all the time and I’m like, 'I get it, I get it!'" she describes.

"And she's like, 'I don't know how you can forgive her!' And I'm like, 'It takes time.' I felt bad for her!" Tamra admits.

But it didn't last. "And then it would just -- I would say, three quarters into the season, everything falls apart."

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"Kelly does something towards the end of the [season] that is very hurtful and very damaging," Tamra laments.

"I tried not to bring too much light to it," she explains.

Tamra says that she avoids discussing the betrayal "because I really didn't want to talk about it."

"So," she continues. "I kind of kept those emotions in."

Tamra Snapshot

"I really thought that I was trying to help her, and I was being a good friend to her," Tamra narrates.

"And then all of a sudden, I go away on a vacation and come back," she recalls.

"And," Tamra reveals. "I find out she's trashing me to everybody."

She doesn't know how this huge change took place -- but she expects to find out.

"So, I really don’t know what happened, 'cause I haven't seen it yet," Tamra explains. "I'll find out when everybody else does."

Vicki Gunvalson, Shannon Beador, and Tamra Judge at Andy Cohen's Baby Shower

Despite her membershp in the Tres Amigas, Tamra sees both sides of the Vicki vs Kelly feud.

"Trust me, they are both as equally as mean to each other," Tamra acknowledges.

"I think me and Shannon are trying to navigate between the two of them, and we always say we're on the right side. That's it," she expresses.

"They're both being mean to each other," Tamra notes. "If you're gonna be nice, then I'll agree with that."

"If you're gonna be mean," she adds. "I'm gonna disagree with that. That's it."

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Right now, Kelly seems to only have one castmate left in her corner.

"Right now, she has Emily [Simpson]," Tamra points out.

She continues, noting that Emily's the one "who’s been out there bashing all of us, every single one of us on social media."

"And we have all kept our mouths quiet,” Tamra characterizes. “The only one that she has right now is Emily."

It doesn't sound like this complicated feud is going to be resolved any time soon.

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