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90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 2 is returning with a host of new drama.

In this sneak peek, Sumit is begging his parents to give him a chance at happiness by allowing him to marry Jenny Slatten.

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As we saw at the midseason finale, Sumit was bracing to speak to his parents on camera for the first time.

But as this clip makes clear … it’s not exactly going well.

"How can we accept this?" Sumit’s father asks.

"The relationship is odd," he points out.

At this point, Sumit’s mother accuses Sumit: "You are only concerned about your happiness."

She then asks a deeply absurd question: "What about your parents’ happiness?"

We can accept and even embrace a multitude of cultural differences while acknowledging that some customs, such as treating offspring like property, are awful.

Fortunately, Sumit doesn’t take his mother’s twisted question lying down.

"I got married thinking of your happiness!" he fires back.

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Sumit continues: "I listened to you and went through with an arranged marriage."

"You thought it’d be a good idea," he notes, "but it wasn’t."

"Then where did my happiness go?" Sumit asks. That is a very fair point.

Sumit’s mother, who att times during this conversation is shown in tears, clearly has some regrets.

"We didn’t know that she’d turn out to be like this," she admits.

His mom expresses: "We thought we’d just adjust."

Sumit says: "Mummy, I was dying."

His mother then confesses: "Yes, we made a mistake."

Sumit, justifiably hurt and angry, asks: "Then why didn’t you help me?"

"I had to take that step!" Sumit says. He is referring to separating from his wife and (secretly, but on camera) shacking up with Jenny.

"We did everything for you," his mother insists. "We let her go."

Sumit, increasingly distressed during this deeply emotional conversation, counters: "You had to let her go? I had to take this step first!"

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"In those 2.5 years, I had stopped sharing my thoughts with my own parents," Sumit admits, sharing his pain.

"You are so sad," he characterizes accurately, "because you are so obsessed with what random people in society are saying."

"But because of that," Sumit tells them, "I was the one who was suffering,"

In a particularly painful moment, Sumit confesses that at times he was suicidal over being trapped in a marraige to a woman he neither knew nor loved.

"I told you three times that I wanted to commit suicide," he reminds them.

If you or someone you know is considering suicide, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255), text "STRENGTH" to the Crisis Text Line at 741-741, or go to

Sumit’s father once again speaks to the camera, where he admits to his own fault.

"The mistake was mine," he acknowledges. "I tried to make him marry."

"But," he continues, "separating from the bad marriage and having relations with a lady more than double of his age. … It’s a different thing." 

Those are different things, but Sumit’s parents need to get it in their heads that, to put it bluntly, who Sumit marries is not their business.

Sumit loves them and wants to continue a relationship with them. He also will need their blessing for his marriage to Jenny to be legal after he gets a divorce.

Season 2 will resume on Sunday, October 11.