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When Kylie Jenner isn’t throwing weird Handmaid’s Tale parties in questionable taste, she’s also a mom to an adorable toddler, Stormi.

Stormi turned 16 months old at the beginning of June, and she’s hitting more and more milestones.

In an unbelievably adorable video, Stormi is asked to say her own name. Check it out!

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Stormi is only 16 months old and already modeling for photoshoots.

She looks as cute as a button as she poses for a cluster of cameras.

In a behind-the-scenes look shared by proud mom Kylie, Stormi is prompted by various voices off-camera to speak.

"Can you say Stormi?" she is asked.

Our hearts are full of love.

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Stormi does her level best to say her own name — showing that she clearly understands the request.

Names can be tricky to pronounce.

Some of us may be shocked to learn of a 16-month-old struggling with her own name (and not having an explanatory diagnosis).

But different babies develop at different rates and reach milestones at different times. Very soon, Stormi will be a chatterbox.

"A for effort, baby," Kylie praised in the captions of the video.

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Kylie was not the only one head-over-heels enamored with her precious baby.

"She’s the cutest" praised Khloe, the delighted aunt.

In typical Millennial (yes, 1998 is Millennial, not Gen Z, don’t @ me) fashion, Sofia Richie was overwhelmed, writing: "I can’t."

"Nononononoooo," an overcome Chrissy Teigen exclaimed. "How is she so good at this!!"

Chrissy is a model. She had to learn to do photoshoots. Stormi is a natural at it.

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Kylie has actually been somewhat sparing when it comes to showing off Stormi.

Sure, we’ve seen her adorable baby girl, but compared to some other Kardashian babies we could name, we’ve only had a few glimpses.

This is very deliberate on Kylie’s part.

She grew up famous from a younger age than any of her siblings (obviously).

It is natural and good that she wants to show off her baby while also placing limits on how much she broadcasts to the world.

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There’s another reason for which Kylie has dialed down how much of Stormi she advertises to the world.

People can be vile.

Just as some racists monsters called baby True "ugly" for her dark skin, Stormi’s appearance has been the subject of scrutiny.

People thought that Stormi wasn’t dark-skinned enough to be Travis Scott’s baby, so they came up with their own wild, irresponsible theories.

Some accused Kylie’s smokin’ hot bodyguard of being the baby’s real father. That was an absurd lie, but Kylie found it hurtful.

She doesn’t want to give trolls another target by showing off her baby 24/7.

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As we mentioned, some find it surprising to hear about so many celebrity babies speaking so late, relatively speaking.

That’s just how it is sometimes.

Some families have talkative babies who form sentences before they hit 10 months. Others don’t speak until they’re two.

There are also studies that say that screen time for babies can delay speech milestones. That could also be a factor.

Either way, Stormi is as cute as a button and we’re sure that she’ll be saying her name just fine very soon.