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Stephen Colbert is having all the feels, people.

When it comes to the topic dominating all celebrity gossip headlines at the moment:

The break up of Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston.

Photo via CBS

It’s true. This controversial relationship has come to an end.

Where did Swift and Hiddlesto go wrong? We may never know. We’re not even clear on who dumped whom.

Heck, was the relationship even real at any point? You can vote on that question below:

It’s pretty clear, however, that Colbert thought it was real. He’s really broken up about the split.

Especially because he spent so much time with Tom and Taylor. Kind of. Sort of.

Okay, not at all. But still.

Photo via CBS

“Taylor, Tom and me, we were a happy couple of three,” The Late Show host sang on Wednesday evening. “But now they’ve said goodbye, and I just want to cry.”

Tragically, Colbiddleswift is no more.

But Colbert concluded his ballad by finding a silver lining.

And it has to do with Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry?!? Huh?

Photo via CBS

Yes. See what we mean now: