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Reality television thrives on drama, and The Real Housewives of New York City is absolutely no exception.

On Wednesday night’s episode, Sonja Morgan seemed to be in everyone’s crosshairs. And she gave as good as she got in an explosive fight with Tinsley Mortimer.

See for yourself in the video below.

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If you’ve yet to watch Season 10 Episode 4 of The Real Housewives of New York City online, you’re in for a treat.

The first look at this season included the line, "shut your mouth and shut your f–king legs." 

The moment has arrived.

But before that intensely hostile line came — and was, of course, directed at Sonja — Sonja had plenty of other fights.

Even as the episode began, she was in the same fight on which the previous episode had ended.

She was feuding hard with Dorinda Medley.

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Dorinda was under the impression that Sonja had equated Sonja’s divorce to Dorinda having to bury her late husband.

Both are negative experiences, but those things are not equal. Not by any measure.

Ramona Singer and Sonja used to be close, but Ramona seemed to be taking Dorinda’s side.

The two left together in a huff from Countess Luann de Lessep’s place.

Which left Sonja feeling betrayed and angry.

And the drama didn’t stop there.

Dorinda Medley and Sonja Morga Film RHONY Season 8
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So, you know how Carole Radziwill did the New York City marathon?

That’s the activity that caused her and Bethenny Frankel to grow apart, and now their friendship is effectively over.

Well, Ramona hosted a party for her. It was supposed to be a celebratory dinner, but it ended up being less about Carole and more about Ramona.

Well, when Sonja tries to talk about her relationship with Rocco, Dorinda tries to shut her down, claiming that the relationship is fake.

Dorinda even says "liar liar, ho on fire." You know, like they’re all 12.

Sonja Morgan GIF: LAME

This did not go forgotten by Tinsley Mortimer.

When Ramona describes Tinsley as a "kept woman," Tinsley goes off on her, and it’s Tinsley’s turn to accuse her of dishonesty.

"You don’t lie?! You don’t lie?! You lie all the time!"

Tinsley really doesn’t like the implication that she isn’t making her own way in the world, and she grows increasingly loud and distressed.

"Don’t say that my boyfriend is paying for me for everything! I’m not even with him right now!"

Dorinda, acting like some sort of trickster deity at this point, asks Sonja if she believes that Tinsley paid for the $5000 gift card that she gave Sonja. Sonja says "no."

Bethenny Frankel on Real Housewives of New York City

Tinsley decides that the appropriate response, in addition to yelling "shut your mouth and shut your f–king legs" at Sonja, is to furiously write out a check to Sonja for $8,000.

(Lots of people would love to have their arguments end with their frenemies writing them a check of that amount or any amount, honestly)

It is Bethenny Frankel who acts as the voice of reason, here.

She even guides Sonja into admitting that it doesn’t matter who paid for the gift card or who pays for anything else.

Bethenny says: "Exactly!"

And then, being Bethenny, she burns Tinsley’s check.

Sonja Morgan Celebrates Her 25A Magazine Cover
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Countess Luann says: "This is a laughable moment altogether, and Bethenny, by burning the check, just gave it a punchline."

She’s exactly write.

If you’ve read our RHONY recap, you already know the details of this fight.

But take a look at the actual fight in this video.

Many envy the Real Housewives for their lifestyles and fame.

But we should all probably be thanking our lucky stars that our dinner parties don’t go like this.