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Whether you like his music and agree with his message or not, you’ve gotta hand it to Snoop D-O-double-G:

He’s at a point in his career where he could coast off his image as one of the music world’s two favorite stoners (he seems to be locked in a perpetual tie with Willie Nelson) and cash in on his cross-cultural appeal by popping up for the occasional film cameo and co-hosting cooking shows with Martha Stewart.

But instead, Snoop continues to make new music and videos that address topical issues of today in a provocative and (no pun intended) blunt fashion.

In his latest, Snoop finds himself inhabiting a world of clowns, led, of course, by our current jester-in-chief, Donald Trump.

Snoop Dogg on Stage

The clip finds Snoop tasked with standing up for what’s right in a world full of circus performers.

Despite the jocular tone, there’s an unmistakable aura of outrage, as Snoop and the video’s director address not only the atrocities of the Trump presidency, but also the growing police brutality directed at black Americans.

"It ain’t no fun when the rabbit’s got the gun, is it?" the rapper asks at one point before pointing a pistol at a clown that bears more than a passing resemblance to the Donald.

The weapon turns out to be a prop, and we’re sure Snoop is in no way calling for the assassination of Trump, but the video has many on the right upset nonetheless.

Check out the video for "Lavender" below, and decide for yourself: