Sharitha Golden: I Did NOT Kill Tupac!

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It's been over 20 years npw since the murder of Tupac Shakur stunned the music world and left millions of his fans in mourning.

The murder remains unsolved to this day, although no shortage of rumors have - and continue to - come out of the woodwork.

2 Pac

Because Tupac's music is still celebrated globally, and his legacy was cut short in the prime of a promising career, he's become a legend.

So perhaps it should come as no surprise that like Elvis before him, the rapper's life and death still inspire endless conspiracy theories from his legion of obsessed fans.

Rumors that Tupac is still alive (usually with a grainy Tupac selfie in Cuba or something for evidence) seem to surface about once a month.

But even those who are willing to concede that the hip hop icon is actually dead are not immune to elaborate theories about his passing:

Some say 'Pac faked his own murder, which back in 1996 would've been a lot easier than now, only to be killed shortly thereafter.

It would be the ultimate irony, to be done in by some freak accident after masterfully orchestrating a fake death, but the urban legend grows.


Others (such as 50 Cent) insist that Diddy paid to have 2pac killed in an effort to settle the East Coast-West Coast hip hop feuds.

(For the record: Fiddy's Diddy theory has zero evidence to back it up. Dude is basically the Trump of Tupac murder accusations.)

But for all of the theories that have come and gone over the decades, one that has remained in circulation pretty much non-stop is this:

Sharitha Golden - the wife of the infamous former Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight - is responsible to Tupac's death.

Some maintain that Golden actually pulled the trigger, while most espouse the far more likely (but still completely unfounded) theory:

Golden paid for the hit on the celebrated hip-hop star.

Suge Knight Pointing

What does Sharitha have to say about her alleged role?

These days, Suge is behind bars and there's a good chance he'll remain there for life, as he's been linked to more crimes than we can even count.

Which may be why Golden is finally speaking out in her own defense when the Tupac rumor mill began churning once again this week.

Check out what she had to say in the clip below:

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