Scarlett Johansson Channels Ivanka Trump on Saturday Night Live: Watch!

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Scarlett Johansson isn't having the greatest time in life right now -- she's just filed for divorce from her husband, Romain Dauriac, and it looks like there's going to be quite the custody battle for their three-year-old daughter.

But even though Scarlett may be going through an inner struggle, she's still a professional.

And right now, that means that she was still able to absolutely kill it as the host for Saturday Night Live last night.

For one of her skits, she did a little perfume ad.

But not only that ... she did a perfume ad as Ivanka Trump.

"Every man knows her name," the voiceover for the ad begins. "Every woman knows her face. When she walks into a room, all eyes are on her."

Scarlett Johansson as Ivanka Trump

"She's Ivanka."

Cue Scarlett's pouty-lipped, vacant-eyed impression of Ivanka. And it only gets better from there.

The perfume, as it turns out, is called Complicit. Amazing, right?

"A feminist," the voiceover continues. "An advocate. A champion for women, like ... huh?"

"She's loyal, devoted, but probably should have bounced after the whole Access Hollywood bus thing. Oh well."

"Complicit," the ad finishes. "The fragrance for the woman who could stop all of this, but won't."

Let Scarlett make you cry with tears of laughter (and just regular tears) in the video below:

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