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Nobody tell Donald Trump, but Saturday Night Live mocked him yet again over the weekend in their cold open.

We know it really hurts the poor guy’s feelings — he’s made it abundantly clear that he feels bad inside when the popular comedy show talks about him — so maybe just keep this to yourself, right?

Because while we certainly wouldn’t want to make salty rain come from The Donald’s little peepers, we just can’t keep this awesome clip to ourselves.

And that’s because SNL managed to get a very, very special guest to participate in the Trump roast this week …

Walter White lives, y’all!

Yes, SNL got Bryan Cranston to reprise his role as America’s favorite meth dealer/drug lord just so they could stick it to our future President.

The world can be a beautiful place sometimes.

The premise of the skit is that Trump named Walter White as the head of the Drug Enforcement Agency, how hilarious/sad is that?

Get it, because Trump has been making the worst possible choices when it comes to picking his cabinet members?

You get it.

As of right now, Trump hasn’t commented on this, so there’s a good chance he hasn’t seen it.

So here, as long as you can keep it a secret, check out Walter White’s return in the wonderful clip below: