Sarah Stage Flaunts Abs, Shows Off Workout at Eight Months Pregnant!

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Fitness mom Sarah Stage still has a six pack at 8 months pregnant. In fact, every day she gets closer to the 9 month mark.

Though we're sure that this, too, will bring in more criticism and controversy from mommy-shamers and body-shamers alike, Sarah Stage has posted a couple more updates.

And one of them is an exercise video showing exactly how she keeps those rock-hard abs. And yes, you can watch that video below.

Sarah Stage Bathing Suit Photo

Sarah Stage is such an inspiration.

Different pregnancies impact bodies differently.

(Actually, different bodies are designed to carry weight differently whether they're pregnant or not -- one gene turning on or off can make a world of difference between two people with similar diets and similar exercise habits)

It's not that many people are likely to follow in her lead and try to keep a six pack throughout their entire pregnancy.

But ... for many people who might struggle with their weight or with exercise or who tell themselves that getting a six pack of rock hard abs is just impossible, Sarah Stage represents hope.

After all, if she can do the "impossible," then someone who doesn't have a fetus releasing hormones into their bodies and exhausting them for months on end might have a chance.

Sarah Stage, Almost 9 Months

Sarah Stage shared this mirror selfie last week.

She's still, technically, 8 months along.

At present, she's well into her third trimester. That 9 month milestone will be here before we know it.

She still looks absolutely incredible.

We used to marvel at "basketball pregnancies" -- you know, those pregnancies where, like, a mom in the neighborhood doesn't even look pregnant from behind, and when she turns around, she just looks like she's stuffed a basketball up under her shirt.

Later, those can look less like basketballs and more like watermelons, but in general, these women's figures hardly change.

Recently, Sarah Stage defended herself against accusations of photoshoping her abs.

We think that it's safe to say that she chooses flattering angles and probably sucks in and tightens her abs before she snaps these photos.

We'd dare you to find anyone who doesn't, unless they're deliberately trying to take a "before" pic.

The video that we have for you below should wash away all doubt.

In the video below, Sarah Stage can be seen exercising with her son.

She is expecting a second boy, and has expressed excitement about having two sons.

Sarah Stage first reached viral fame with that first pregnancy, whens he also had rock-hard abs and displayed them throughout.

At the time, she didn't get to exercise with her adorable little son.

She's clarified that she doesn't work out like this just to maintain her appearance, but for health reasons.

But ... let's be honest. Nobody's checking her Instagram with disbelief over her good health.

Sarah Stage Eight Months Pregnant

Anyway, we wish Sarah Stage all of the luck in the world.

She should be meeting her new baby within the next several weeks, we would imagine.

We hope that she has an easy time giving birth -- her health is great, obviously, and this isn't her first baby, so it shouldn't be a problem.

More than anything, we hope that she doesn't have to have a C-section.

With her abs, through which they'd have to cut ... that life-saving operation sounds like a nightmare.

Sarah Stage
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