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Jennifer Garner may or may not be over Ben Affleck.

But the actress is most definitely cracked us way up in the following video!

Garner jumped on her Instagram page Thursday to surprise followers with hilarious footage of herself on drugs.

Legal drugs, that is, the kind you get after having your wisdom teeth pulled out.

"Throwback Thursday– that time I had dental anesthesia…laughing gas + novocaine + Hamilton = you’re welcome. #TBT @hamiltonmusical," wrote Garner as a caption to the video.

It features the gorgeous star talking to someone on the phone.

Or sobbing to someone on the phone, in actuality.

She’s hysterical over the "sad part" in Hamilton that someone kept playing… perhaps the dentist? Who put the soundtrack of this award-winning musical on during her visit?

It’s unclear.

But it’s amazing and hilarious and we cannot stop watching it.

"They did the sad part of Hamilton and I started crying. I couldn’t stop," Garner exclaims to the person on the phone.

"They said, ‘Are you OK?’ I said, ‘It’s so beautiful.’"

The sad part being… when Hamilton’s son is killed? When Hamilton is killed?

This is also unclear.

But, again, hilarious.

Jennifer Garner Looks Happy
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The mother of three then bursts into laughter.

"It’s so beautiful. Listen to this song," she continues on the phone. "So, I told them about it. They have to see it."

Watch the full display below: