Robert Pattinson Crashes Car for Red Nose Day

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Note to Robert Pattinson: Stick to your day job, buddy.

NBC hosted the first-ever Red Nose Day in the United States last night, as a three-hour telethon was dedicated to helping children in poverty around the world.

This is an annual cause in the UK, which is why host Seth Meyers was kind enough to let some British stars assist with the broadcast.

Simon Cowell directed the control room. Ian McKellan was in charge of the teleprompter. Sienna Miller served as a chimney sweep.

And Pattinson acted as valet... except the above video features him acting as the WORST VALET EVER.

Check out the funny segment now and then take a look at Ed Sheeran singing with Kermit the Frog and Coldplay penning a Game of Thrones musical, both of which were also featured as part of Red Nose Day.

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