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Oh, Rob, are you backsliding on your diet already?

It was just a couple weeks ago when the sock designer flaunted a brand new slimmed down figure – the result of a strict diet and exercise regimen prescribed by his girlfriend Blac Chyna.

Word has it Rob’s lost more than 50 pounds under the guidance of his new lady love, who he’s been dating for about two months now.

But anyone who’s ever been on a diet knows the drill. You start to see results, then you treat yo’self. Again. And again.

Yesterday, Bobby Boy posted a video to Instagram of him and Blac at the drive-thru at In-N-Out Burger, apparently his favorite.

"Where we at?" he asks Blac, who is busy on her phone.

"In-N-Out, baby," replies Ms. Chyna, who surprisingly doesn’t seem too miffed.

"Yay! Yay!" chants Rob, obviously sick of the steamed cardboard diet Blac’s been feeding him.

We kid. Blac’s reportedly been cooking her man healthy, home-cooked meals, but also insisting that he stay away from fast food. To say she’s been strict is a gross understatement, as we saw her lose her sh*t upon the sight of tortillas in Rob’s pantry.

On his birthday last week, Rob also stopped by the burger joint to treat himself to a Double-Double, possibly animal style. Totally understandable – everyone knows calories don’t count on your birthday.

Then earlier today, a TMZ paparazzo caught Rob and Blac at the airport and asked about cheat days.

"It’s my birthday, so we do a lot of cheat days," Rob replied.

Evidently he’s one of those annoying people who insists upon everyone celebrating his "birthday month," because his actual birthday was more than a week ago.

However, it looks like Rob received the best prezzie possible on his big day: a GIFT CARD to In-N-Out.

"Finished up my IN N OUT gift card today lol mannnnnnnn," he wrote on Instagram.

Aww. Guess tasty time is over for the Robster.